The Darkest of Heresies

The bloodied journal: page 8.A dance with deamons.

I don’t remember much from after my name was said but I think something just plainly spoken wrong happened. I’m not sure as to why but I think that staying in this town was a mistake.

Only the emperor through his breath on your shoulders can forge you into something that can survive this planet.

We went here with arrogancy thinking that it would be a walk in a park, with some sludge in it.
Nobody but the emperor himself could have the stomach to even think to clean out this fog of death without something to be in orbit shooting down targets…

My mind went blank when I saw him burned into the insignia, I wanted to save him, not knowing what prison it really was.

We freed a demon today, neither I or my friend [It seems like she has used more force on the word ‘friend’ than the other words.] Macrian could have known that it was a creature of the warp. I should have felt his darkness but it was shrouded by the haze of the day.
Our wishes were granted as the demon asked, both me and my friend worded our wishes badly so we ended up in a situation where we created a haven in the church and our friends were teleportet outside the town.

This page seems to have been completely untouched by the blood that have been soaking the entire book so far. Though the ink seems to have tainted the rest of the page somewhat.


Yuven LogenFelxon

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