The Darkest of Heresies

Dusk, Part 2

The Hangover

21 o’clock

People are sleeping/drugged in the car
Leluge sleeps in the tavern
Mac holds watch for 3.5 hours

23 o’clock

There are some creeks, possibly from the wood, in a stone building…
Scraching sounds from the roof, straight up
He wakes Leluge
Leluge’s dream turns into an earthquake while a 100m high dark shape enters from a magmatic ravine
He slaps her across the face
She wakes to a small dark room, not knowing dreams from reality
She curls into fetus position in the corner and prays to the Emperor
Cue THE sound

Mac shoots at the sound with the executioner
The scraching stops
After about 30 min, some thin purple glowing goo (which gives off gas) drips down through the hole
It seems to coagulate
He grabs the shotgun
It knocks on the door
“What’s goin on? I heard gun fire”
“I tripped and fell on the trigger”
“Yeah right… It must be something since you’re trying to conceal it”
“I might have to ask you to leave is you continue like this”
Mac opens the door
He has a greatsword over his shoulder
Shows him the blood
“Do you know what thing this could be from?”
“I recon some thing from the woods”
“Maybe it’s hunting you”
“It’s time for the hunter to become the hunted”
“You’re going after it?”
“Not not, i’m not going outside without sunlight” ish
“Okay. Now, be quiet” ish
“This was last time, promise!” ish
Leluge from the corner: “Names have been broken, the light has been broken”
He jams a chair to the door and tries to find the most defendable spot
He covers up, and sleeps

Night passes

Loothas wakes up in the front seat with a rambo knife in his hand and covered in blood
In the middle of the forest. Parthas in the side seat
Compass broken, map shredded
Remembers nothing
Stubber snores in the back with his legs up the wall
Door is open, Khorrl missing, but his stuff here, blood trail from back to Loothas
Stub hail on vox

Khorrl wakes on an island with a lonely island in the swamp
He bleeds from his stumack
Alot of static on the vox
Khorrl shouts “Shut up fuckface”
Cue the sound
The whole ground seems to shake
He climbs the tree (4m)
“Drønn” from one side of the island and a splash sound followed by a wave that reaches the tree

Stub shouts “Number one!” into the vox
Cue the sound
We close the door

Khorrl: It seems like something has been lifted from the water, and is moving away
Stub and Loothas swaps place
He tries to start the car, but the starter seems broken
Parthas goes out with a toolbox and talks to he ATAV
“Fucking hells, it seems like someone has removed one of the tubes”
“I have to improvise, and the tech spirit seldom likes it”

Loothas notices humanly shades comming from all angles
Stub mentions Parthas
The eyes of the creatures start to glow
The sound (also wind)

Cue combat

Stub dons the turret
Parthas runs inside
Loothas feels there is the creatures looks similar to eachother
They run towards the turrent
Loothas kills a bunch of zombies with the las guns, a multicolored flame dissapates from their head
The sound is closer
Stub clears 7
The glow from the eyes of the remaining increases when others die
Zombies scrach Stub’s back and bites his neck
Loothas “P-man, hit the grenade button”
Loothas clears another octant behind
Parthas clears all around, blood and gore everywhere
All but a bunch on the roof left
We hear trees breaking
Stub pulls the gun down, a zombie arm still holds on
Parthas “I can try to fix the car if you cover me” ish
“Need one minute” ish
Loothas grows wings and grabs grenades
Stub blast outside the side door
Loothas jumps out and flies 6-7 meters up, above the fog
Sees a big glowing thing, like a mountain, glows around some sort of spine, a cave with spikes inwards, it eats trees, about 30 meters high
Loothas lobs grenades, and shoots the few remaining
Parthas runs out, whacks the heads of the 3 zombies infront of the hooda, and starts the repair
We see more zombies in the horizon

Mac wakes
He dons his armor
He tries to contact the rest, but there is only static
He wakes Leluge
“I can’t get contact with the rest of the group over the fox”
Chant of impending doom
They go out to the common rooms
No one else are awake
Exiting the inn, his spider senses tingles, he rolls away
A 100kg cat-like animal with glowing eyes jumps down, his teeth grabbing the space where his neck was

Cue combat

Mac disengages and fires his executioner, but misses and hits the door (which shatters)
The creature jumps away over the roof
He notices it has a grace wound on its side

They run to the ramparts
There are some cold dead guards in the guard tower
No wounds on them
Mac climbes the ramparts to look closer, but finds nothing interesting

Mac tries to hail the rest, but receives only static
“We have to find somebody, anybody”
They go to the father, and knock on the door
No answer, and it’s locked

They go to a random house
“Anybody here?”
They break and enter
They search the house and finds a dead couple in the bed

They go to a random house
“Anybody here?”
They break and enter
They search the house, but finds no one.
Grabs some salty meat

They search the inn
Finds the innkeeper dead in the bed, something has eaten away his tongue
Blood under the fingernails
“I think he has a sever case of death. I think it’s fatal”
Leluge takes the greatsword, but it burns his hands
He notices some crude runes etched in the leather
Mac tries to pick it up, he feels a foul evil power trying to grab into his mind
Leluge “The sword is tainted”

They go to the father
Mac hears what sounds like a brazier
He knocks, but there is no answer
He breaks the door with his power blade

It is a dark room
8 braziers in a circle
Inquisitorial I carved in wood in the middle of the rooms, wrapped in chains, suspended 2m up
8 chains of adamantium from it to the braziers
Leluge sees it symbolizes a chaos star
“Help me!” from the I
On the other side is the father, almost burned to death, his eyes burned out
“They came for me and mine”
Mac cuts the chain with the power blade
“Thank you for freeing me”
“I was stuck, but now i will grant you one wish each”
He opens his burned out eyes
“I have been taken by the inquisition once before, they created me to be exact”
“I am glad that you from the inquisition redeemed yourself”
Mac “What heresy is this?”
“The inquisition created me, and they are the judges of what is heresy”
“Are you defying me? Do you want your wishes or …”
Leluge whises the red steel to be safe
Mac wishes the party to be assembled outside the gates
“It will be granted”
He snaps his fingers, and the rest wakes outside the gates
Khorrl feels hatred for everyone in the group, especially the ones in the church
“Thank you for freeing me, i have granted your whises, i am sure you want to see your friends”
They leave the church, and run towards the gate

Khorrl sees his hated enemies ontop of the ramparts, even more hated than the pimp
They jump down
Khorrl “I’m so glad to see you!”
He hugs him, and the stabs Mac
After failing to kill him with his poison damage, he uses his leg-sword to near-decapitate him
Leluge “Demon spawn!”, he gets a holy aura and then shoots at Khorrl
Loothas is repelled by the light
He flies up and shoots Leluge in the leg
In the confusion, Stub flings his metal leg at Khorrl, but misses
Khorrl shoots Leluge
Leluge yell “Fucker!” and charges Khorrl
Loothas shoots Leluge, knocking the air out of his lungs
Stub looks confused like a kid, and steps away
Khorrl lashes out with his leg against Leluge, and finishes withe the flamer
Leluge falls down “lifeless”
Khorrl falls unconcious

They appear to be dead, but <bing> says they’r alive
We remove their weapons and duck-tape them to trees
Parthas deactivates their mechanical legs
The ground shakes as Loothas heals them
“What have you to say for yourselves?”

350 xp


Yuven Promethas

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