The Darkest of Heresies

Dusk, Part 5


Back in the van!

Parthas takes a look at Stub’s eyes
“If only we had some ocular systems”

Drive back to the clearing
We go out the back door
Techpriest with missing head and long arms

Khorrl: Can we dismantle him and sell the part?
Parthas: I wouldnt recomend using this. Tech heresy. Runes.
Tries to access the memory banks
“…A receiver that constantly receives data…”
Some sort of auspex. White cord.
Tells parthas to extract all the white stuff.
Blood is glowing goo.
Upgraded bodysnatchers.
Combat shotguns for everyone!

Khorrl decapitates all so parthas can dismantle them later.
5 heads.
Guard flak armors.
“Here is some crude ocular devices”

Khorll suggests his poison to make Stub sleep for the surgery
He comatoses him for 13 hours.
Parthas operates.


Stub wakes. Everything is dim and black/white.
Leluge has watch
Parthas sleeps with a big knife in his hand and a bloody apron.

Next morning:

Mac feeds the kittens.
Stub to khorrl: You’re a bit prettier, something must be wrong.

We drive east towards the mountains
Less and less swamp. Less water, less trees, etc.

Mac and Stub drives/sleeps on shift
Ørn ørn.

Lighthing from the mountain. Sometimes different colors. Sometimes the same place.
Slight uphill. More and more steep.

Dangerous to drive steep without light.
We wait for dawn.
We drive on.


Khorrl asks if parthas can make a hidden compartment in his leg for two guns.
Not possible, it’s way too large.

High mountaints with huge bulders.
We are touching the skies.

Too rocky terrain to drive on.
Looks like a days march ahead.

Discussion if parthas should stay with the car

Khorrl doesn’t want to go and complete the mission.
Arguing. He agrees to come with us a short distance.

We walk on

A cloud comes from beneth us.
Khorrl runs upwards.

Dusk comes.

The thunder tells us there is there is less than 300m left.
Likely behind the next hill/cliff.
Dark rumbling sound, lights can be seen.

Loothas senses 2 human-sized dudes over the hill, and 3 large things in the surroundings.

Looks like vehicles have been traveling here.
Chains and wires with corpses hang down from the side of a rock.
Green lightning, led to the corpses, it spasms.

Khorrl goes first
Leluge makes as much sound as possible

There an access screen with wires going to the rock, waterproof.

Khorrl scouts
Mac grapples up to take sniping position
The rest covers Khorrl

Mac sees a 3 m big insect thing eating an ox. Mandables that is ripping out the spine.
Shoots one eye out.
The beast slices him.

Mac defeates it with his plasma pistol
It burrows

Force field?
Lair. Lightning rod wrapped with technical stuff.
Impaled corpse with lots of tech.
The Chirurgeon. More bulky. Spikes that shoot lightning.
Circle of dark material that absorbs all the ligtning.
Crispy burnt corpse inside.
Corps everywhere connected to tech.

Crosses the force field, nothing happens.
Lots of lightning.
She talks through the speakers.
“Tell your friends to be a bit more careful here”
“… warns you about mines, explosives, traps …”
“Keep a civil tongue in my prescence”
“I want to bring back the glory days of technology”
“I have been forced off planets, and to this distant world”
“This world is perfect, the veil is weak”
“… force the immaterium to do what we want”
“… opening up a new webway …”
“I would like it if your friends did not raise their arms”
“We don’t have to fight, communication is a possibility”
“I know who you are, but i do not have a grudge against you”
“Would you like to step away from the machine so we can talk?”

Alot more armor.
Floats away from the panels.
The rest begins to cath up
A lightning strikes.
“So beatiful”
“What is a webway gate, does it explode?”
“There is only a slim chance”

“Stay a while and listen”
“I can maybe teach you about the technnology”
“We can make the imperium what it once was”
“I do not know if i have the intellect for that”
“That can be fixed”
“I see you have been upgraded since last”
“Yes, there were bullets, i did not enjoy them”
“I would advice you to not use bullets here, the tech is volatile”
“… may cause a sector-wide infestation of demons.”
That might be an overstatement
“What is your name?”
“Simply called the chirurgeon”
The dude in the circle is a demon
“What is that fried dude?”
“Only one component in my experiment”
“A deamon host, created by your insitution”
“I need it alive”

Yellow lightning
“Excellent, not many left now”
“What is the use for the webway”
“… warp not safe … what i’m recreating is a subdimension between the warp and real space”

Mac aims at the demon with boss bullets
“Are you trying to ruin my experiment? It is for the best for mankind”
“You do not want to destroy the demons in this critical stage. It will be destroyed later.”
Khorrl shoots at the demon – <click>
“What did you do to my weapon?”
“Can i continue my lecture or are you trying to stop me from <fancy> mankind?”

Stub throws a fire grenade at the antenna.
It catches fire.
She looks angry.
Her arms begin to cracle.
The light bends behind the demon as something looks like it is trying to breach the veil.

Battle time!

Luminen blast at Stub
“Why do you reject progress?”

Krak grenade fun!
Boss bullet!
She shuts down

“She really have some kind of hubris, thinking she can control the warp”
“She will notice the warp controlles her”

She flies up in a storm of fire.
She disappears
Khorrl runs
Stub and Loothas blow up the thingy with explosives
Tentacles from the thingy starts to move
Stub feels the urge to set himself on fire
Khorrls promethium catches fire, he grabs
Mac runs
The 2nd boss is back, stub and loothas is burned from existence
Khorrl throws the prometheum at the demon. The deamon laughs
Leluge sets an example by standing ground and praying
The engine-thingy uses the corpses and wires to move closer to Leluge
It lashes one of the wires at Leluge, and creates a crated besides her
Mac is inspired by the speach.
He turns and blasts out a big part of the techpriest-demon’s head. It laughs
Techpries-demon creates a firestorm around Leluge and Mac
Leluge lobs two kraks at the possesed.
Magma like blood begins to seep out
<the> from down the cliff
The great machine-demon crawls towards it.
Mac fineshes off the possesed as it looks on its way to teleport away
Its face is blown away. The fiery stuff disappears. It falls
<the> from down the cliff
The sound of an engine being chewed into pieces by a mountain

Mac spots the biomechanical heart of our nemesis, still barely pumping, with a white coord sticking out
Mac and Leluge carries Loothas and Stub away



A good session indeed :D

Dusk, Part 5
Yuven Lundal

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