The Darkest of Heresies

Dusk Report: The trip there.

The information in this report is for inquisitorial and red steel eyes only. If you are not of either of these factions but a beneficial of the factions that they trust most of the information will be redacted, if there is information that is vital to you, you will get it in the edited report.

There were a couple intrigues that I will go into length to describe in other chapters subsequent to this summary.

Our lives for the emperor.

We embarked on this path that the emperor had laid bare for us to walk.
Hetaria lexis gave us subtle hints through a scroll delivered on our doorstep by a scared messenger boy. We accepted that it was truly Hetaria Lexxis that had sent the messenger after some scrutiny of the paperwork.

We were to embark on the heldenhammer dynasty vessel Lightbringer.
So we did, we bought some necessities like survival kits, ammo, armors. We found most of what we wanted to find, and we got on to our mission.

We boarded the lightbringer, though it took some time before we got to our target destination. Somehow the crew got the knowledge that we were a part of the inquisition into their minds so suddenly we got invitations to dine with the rouge trader that owned the Lightbringer.
We got scouted out for a mission to eradicate some spies that held us back from the heratics we persued.
The entire vessel got to know us somehow better, some titles were created within the faction that day, that would probably even be suitable for a proper noble.

We compiled a list of plausibles after a visit to the astropath.

We went to the engineering bay to find some tech priests that was on the compiled list.
We scouted out a place we’ve gotten some info from someone who seemed like had reliable enough though this individual to our desolation seemed to be feeding us information to go to Bergen, which is what they call a mutated something that recycles everything they have, we got out of there pretty fast when one of our comrades got badly hurt by something lurking in the ventilation shafts that we found tracks going towards.

Everything we had with us in there got confiscated melted, and thrown away as it had been tainted by whatever mutated creep that had been festering in ‘bergen’.
We got a complementary acidic gassing and shower because of this trip.
As we got out of the gas chambers we got new clothes and some gear, sub par to what we had before though it functioned as was proper.

Someone got into our suite as we were going to sleep, but two of our comrades managed to subdue the individual using bullets.
[Redacted information, see file h5 for your share when it comes to the reports I finally got from Red and Mac]

We managed to get some information from a tech-savvied techpriest that had a mental block that eventually after asking pointy questions shut down, we had him somewhat rebooted once more but he shut down quite soon after the reboot, we got ‘number one’ down to help us extract the data and we managed to reveal that the culprit number two.

Our wills made the traps that this ‘number two’ laid down for us to stroll into bend to our will. A bomb was placed on a plasma drainage pipe and the room was attempted sealed by servitor skulls while some gas started to form at our basis, but our reliable Stubber disarmed the bomb and then we just destroyed the servitor sculls that were left. There were turrets that we had to destroy, and so we did via Luuthas distracting them while our great assassin Macrian utterly destroyed them with his great aim.

We got to the chamber where ‘number two’ had sealed himself into and he opened the hangar bay doors. Our will supplanted this heretics plans, as I held on to my friends and the guards we had brought with us, some of them sacrificed to the void, I’m sorry to report. But Luuthas were fast in his actions, helping us with the task of getting on mag-booted-voidsuits he made it so that it was easier for us to kill the tech-priest that were trying to delay the trip to dusk…

Our task for the rouge trader was done but our fellowship had suffered a slight loss in Bergen, because what goes to Bergen, usually stays there, and festers, luckily no casualties throughout that task to our esteemed faction.

Rest in the embrace of the emperor, for everything sways in circles around our emperor.


Yuven LogenFelxon

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