The Darkest of Heresies


We drive for 2 weeks, reach asphalt
He takes a piece of to use as a charm
Stub and Loothas was mumified for a while
Drive past small towns, mostly empty, 5% are populated

One week later (on road)
Running out of gas
Big black wall. 50m high. Shines. Plasteel
Towers here and there, turret emplacements
Huge pentagrams on each wall piece
Booming voice: HALT! You will now be tested!
Throws stuff at our heads
<sluse>. Lots of servitors, branded with pentagrams
“Stay in the vehicle!”. They fire up the car
“You have been cleared”. Port opens.
Seems like the planetary capital.
Looks like industry area, about the size of midtbyen (plus some of the fjord)
Lots of trains arriving through other docs.
Spaceport in the middle
Planned rendesvouz is still 6 months away
We get an apartment!
Ok- life
People sharpen the psykana mercy-blade every half hour

We take off to an ugly space boat
It has rusted (in vacuum)
As we fly ut we hear alarms, AA batteries, monster that hunts the ship, half-transparent dragons
3 of the transport ships are ripped to pieces
2 months of warp travel to scintilla
feels like several years in the warp
Lelouche does everyone [NO, THIS IS FALSEHOODS! Was a joke, didn’t seem like everyone heard that I (the player) said it was]
Child looks like a greater demon of tzeentch

The magnificent spire of hive cibellious
Calixis sector high command, shaped like a golden rose
Land in cargo hangar
Met by a delegation of Inquisitorial dudes, and solomon.
Hands over the report, and a container with da stuff

We drive back to the “oppression fortress”
Meet up with our local inquisitoral stuff provides
Khorrl wants to expand the red steel faction
Stub now has the rank of intern
Khorrl asks parthas to look into holograms
He want us to kill sanctioned targets

We turn on kill FM
Lower Noble pissed of a higher noble, accused of heresy, 1000 thrones

The door knocks
5 fully armored inquisitorial dudes with a chest on a grav pratform
They drop the chest and leave
A small letter
30k transfered to your inquisitorial account
10k to common account, 4k each (excluding solomon)
16800 in common now

We kill the dude using sleeping poisons and storming in
Leave our badge, take a blood sample and his ear
Reason was apparently a slight insult at a party. 1000 thrones

Khorrl and Solomon goes to Officio Administratum

Enforcers sceptical to why Solomon is trying to procure an autocannon
“You’re coming with us!”
Kristoffer rolls 01
Extreme discussions, confused

“We will contact you again”

Shopping time
Mac find a storage door opening nearby at the same time
Shady dude behind a counter. A pile of weapons behind him
Mac buys autocannon for 2k
New eyes for Stub: 15300 in common

Some time later:
We are getting known
A truck crashes in the gate
Peppers with ~50 caliber rounds
5 smoke grenades
We kill 2, capture 4
Rivaling mercenary gang, 50 peeps
“We were sent from high command”
They have a heavily fortified building 3 levels down.
Abandoned enforcer building. Old barbed wire
It has tarantula turrets



Yuven LogenFelxon

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