The Darkest of Heresies

Personal log: Former Captain Jethro Tull. First day on Dusk [revised for public log]

The recording sparks into life with a slight static, the sound of light rain in the background. The deep voice of a Guardsman speaks

Personal log; je-ehm… Number.05
Location: Dusk, ATAV.
Mission: Seek and Destroy.

This planet is something special, that’s for sure. I have visited many planets in my travels since leaving the imperial guard. From pleasure worlds which luxury dulls the mind and bores me to death, to deathworlds where the very dirt itself actively hunts your blood. My stays at these planets were only temporary, as i needed to continue. I have seen all of this, yet none can compare to the world we barely have set our foot on. Dusk has so far lived up to both its name and legend, if not exceeded it. A planet enveloped in mist, never reaching farther than twillight before sinking back into the darkness of night. In addition to these visuals, everything seems enveloped in an eerie silence, if not for the occasional horn-like roar. The roar is deep, rumbling through your gut. I swear i have a recording of it somewhere.

The recording would switch over to members of the Red Steel Brigade discussing their next course of actions, suddenly interrupted by a deep, rumbling roar After the roar, the brigade would be completely silent, the muffled sound of an engine the only audible sound. After a few moments, the recording returns to Jethro.

Yeah, so that’s a thing. The atmosphere is like showing up for the daily exercise back in the military, to find there was not a single penal casualty that day. the-… “Things” in the background sounds like the horn from the mess-hall, calling the soldiers for supper. We are in mortal danger, yet we have not fired upon a single enemy. I have experienced all of these things before, and any commissar would want this for his troops for them to toughen up, Yet the combination of these things, the result being this planet, would even make the commissars think twice about advancing.

In all my life i have not hesitated about my decisions, though i may have stopped to assess and think about them. In the day we have been on this planet, i have fallen into a state of mind forgotten through training. I have felt Unsure. Twice i had to stop and convince myself not to turn around and flee. This is troubling indeed. This is not honorable. It is not the way of a proud Imperial Guard Captain! I do not know whether this is a testament to the power this world has over me, or a revelation about myself. I must push on. I cannot abandon my comrades, my companions, or dare i say-… Friends.

I must not give in to these doubts this planet has planted in me. I must protect them, for they are some of the finest soldiers i have seen in my fourteen years of service. By our Father on Terra, i am an Imperial Guard. To each of us falls a task. And all the Father on Terra requires of us Guardsmen is that we stand in line, and we die fighting. It is what we do best: we die standing. If I die, I shall die as a shield for my comrades, my sword in the skull of our enemies. The enemy cannot hide from us, not even in death. If they threaten my friends, so may our father on Terra have mercy upon them, for i shall not.

End of log.

The recording crackles to an end


Yuven AndreasHasselFordal

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