The Darkest of Heresies

The Joyous Choir, Part 1

Nobles are a strange breed

Interrogation time!
Khorrl shock one’s balls, he cries like a baby
“They had one field medic”
Khorrl asks which one is most popular
Bob Karsten, the sort of boss
One is called Geir
“Are you going to shoot us or what?”
Not yet
He charms one

We stow them in a corner with a stummer
Khorrl suggests we buy their gang
Solomon points out we need more money
Want to offer better pay and, poor quality cybernetics
Go in with smoke grenades, bad tech spirit, take them down, “persuade” the leader
Khorrl tells Solomon to find out stuff about their leader

Solomon interrogates again
We call him “The Big Boss”
He’s a defected arbites maybe
Very discrete and secretive
Lieutenant called scarface from “Land under”, big floating hive going down into the toxic green seas, myth about mechanized shark
Relies on two dudes, 4 liutenants, they’re afraid of him

Who ordeder the attack on us? Scarface
He probably lives in the fortress, but goes to pubs

We need to find scarface
He can provide more information

Message ticks in on our data slates during the night
Leluge notices it, but goes back to sleep
Inquisitor Victor Magnus requests our precence on Verdent Glory in orbit

What do we do with the prisoners?
Khorrl: I have a cunning plan
Discussion about what to do with them
Kill some, release the rest?

We release them all
Tell scarface to stay away from our turf!
Give them two holo-tokens

Let’s go to the Verdant Glory!
Goes to space port
Dude halts us from taking space shuttle “We need no strangers”
Get him to call the captain
“Yes, yes, no, no, yes, no, sure, next shuttle, …”
We’re onboard

Heavy armor, plow
Huge cannon along the underside

We get escorted to a study in the front of the ship
Lots of books and candles
Victor Magnus with super fancy bolt pistol looks through maps
“Welcome! I’ve gotten recomendations about you guys.”
Adeptus Astra Telepatica has some disturbing reports about Scintilla over the last years
The tides of psykers are lower that normal, which is a big deal for the capital of the sector
Investegation has found some small stuff
Seem like potential psykers are going missing, reports from the upper hives
The candidates have one thing in common, a small ok cult, it supports the imperial creed
It says everyone should be happy or some such nonsence
Here is a poster
Located in the hive you came from
The way they make certain someone is true, is through some harmony meters
A friend (important in this investigation) has gotten a hold of one
Noble, missing niese, wouldn’t contact me for small stuff
Shows the device
Two antennas with lightning between
Hologram of it’s internals
Scanner that looks for energy patterns in the body
Beeps when pointed towards Loothas
All the money going to the cult is clean

I need you to go to hive cibellious and check out The Joyous Choir
Lorent and his daughter julia (house stropes) can take you in …
Get into the inner circle of the nobles
I’ve set up some shielded accounts you can use
Do not expose yourselves unless absolutely needed
They can scrap the entire operation and disappear
Be careful, on scintilla curruption is a way of life
Do not destroy the cult, just find out whats going on and deal with the heresy
(Dancing was a joke)
Contact me as often as you want, but i might not get back for a couple of days
I’ll also give you new false identities, basic equipment for undercover work
Nobles does not use vox, but their bodyguards might

We fly down to hive cibellous, lit by the dusk behind
We dock above the cloud layer
Cold outside
Young girl infront of us, has lots of coats
Khorrl walks out, she gives him a hug, “Aw, cusin!”
Mac walks out, she gives him a hug, “Aw, cusin!”
To leluge: “Aw, holy person”
Gives everyone a cloak (to hide the clothes)
Let’s talk inside, it’s a bit drafty out here

Leads ut through giant corridors with engraved saints on the walls, gold, jewels
Round hall with a tree in the middle, 30m high, nobles with entourages
We notice we get observed
Fancy door, blue thing pierced by a red dagger
Waves her hand and the door opens

Let’s try that again
I’m julia stropes
Big living room
Elderly person with arms out looking happy to see us, she throws the cloak at him
This is my great ungle Thalus, we honor our dead by keeping them among us
Make yourselves at home
I’ll bring father and we’ll have a proper introduction

Lots of fine furniture
Statue that appears to be made by light

Middle aged guy, powerfully build dude comes in
Left arm is adamantium cybernetic, right eye is tech
Obvious military background, casual suit/uniform
Deep voice
Introduces himselft as Lorens Stropes
Niese has gone missing. She was apparently much better than julia
Met the Joyous Choire last year, felt she was becoming true
Suddenly missing, noone knew anything
Old associate investigated, found one of the meters
House of Stropes is at your disposal
Friends in the cult not missing
We need to make you noble-like
Mac and Khorrl fit
Rest will be bodyguards or servants
Have cleared the western wing of the house for you
Minimal weaponry are excepted, unpowered weapons, of fine quality
(Most bodyguards wear flak, heavier shows off you’re scared)
Impressed by the Newbells
All weapons require registration by tissue samples
Remember that nobles can not go where servants go

We leave most weapons
Khorrl hides one choke and one toxin in his leg

Julia: Upcoming party, Joyous Choir members will be there
I must get you into the proper attires
She wants to stripe Stubs hair and give him a manicure and a sunbath +
Often theatrics during parties
Nobles find a middle hiver and make him the lead role for a famous play
They often give him some drugs to lighten the mood
Their families are compensated
Many nobles in the play aswell, often drugged
Prodigal dude comes up with the plays months in advance
Rarely acrobatics, those are for circuses and other suboptimal entertainment
We like hard to understand and sudtle jokes
Some formalities:
The gravest insult is to make fun of the honor of their ancentry or authenticity of their posessions and collections
If so:
A duel would be proper.
To first blood drawn.
Hard to determine a winner in a verbal duel.
Can make a bodyguard duel instead
Weapon chosen by the challengee
Most faught by sword

BTW, servants does not speak unless spoken to
We have told people you are from Fennex world
Fennex world is seen as a “feral” world by the nobles, they don’t know much about it

Lorens comes back in
The investigator was Vorlin Orday, bounty hunter
Can arrange a meeting tomorrow, he is leaving
Advise us to not walk around without a guide, easy to get lost
Gives us data slates and loads up maps
Picture of Scia Stropes (abductee) (few week ago) 16 years

All noble clothes will be etherweave
Bodyguards can have highly polished best quality flak armor
What will be your name, mister Red?
Caldor Castus 3rd
I suggest we does not use Newbell
Barbados Nixios

Night is approaching

200 xp

Next time:
Training montage!


Yuven Lundal

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