Bob Karsten

Unremarkable actor, totaly not part of any plot


Bob Karsten works as an actor in the theater in the Executeria district.

He is a mediocre actor, not known for neither excellence nor errors. He delivers his lines on time, and in the correct order, but without the vigor and passion that makes you remember them. This has the strange effect of making him almost impossible to remember, as the other actors completely overshadow him. Combined with his fully unremarkable appearance, bearing no special quirks or marks, means that no one remembers him in his private life either. This has lead to a lonely life, with his work in the theater and his collection of prayer beads as his only joys.

Bob Karsten sometimes dreams of being a great warrior, of fighting monsters from beyond the material universe, and saving the world. But this remains a dream, because even were he to know the way of the warrior (which he does not), no dangerous monsters of the warp would ever care enough about his unremarkable existence, nor his boring theater, to invade his life with evil intentions…..

Bob Karsten

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