Jethro "Stubber" Tull [Deceased]

Junior Intern Assistant and Heavy weapons expert. A quiet, muscular, former imperial guardsman who will fell any foe who faces his heavy stubber.


Standard Guardsman flak armor. Heavy weapons expert.

Uses a heavy stubber with a tripod
[Profile update] Jethro has stopped using his tripod.

WS: 34
BS: 44
Str: 41
T: 43
Ag: 32
Int: 28
Per: 31
WP: 27
Fel: 25

Has been observed operatin a standard issue combat shotgun and handcannon.


Growing up the unsafe, desert imperial world of [DATA EXPUNGED] in the [DATA REDACTED] sector, his life was filled with violence and fighting. He would quickly learn how to fire a weapon and fight with a sword. His village would often be attacked by skirmishing bandits and renegades, looking for easy pray for food, water and weapons. Often, the only thing standing between these aggressors and the precious supplies were local warriors and fighters, equipped with whatever weapons were available. Through these encounters, Jethro gained his experience with combat.

[DATA REDACTED] was an imperial guard outpost and training grounds. A hub of guard activity. By protecting the locals and, more importantly, empire assets and interests from small fractions of renegades, the guard recruits would have their first experience with real combat. These encounters would usually pale in comparison with what these doomed souls would have in store in the battlefield. It was through this outpost that Jethro would receive his weapons training and combat experience. after volunteering into the ranks of the imperial guard at an age of 16, and a few years of training, he would be placed in the planets security force.

14 years later, Jethro’s squad would be deployed to deal with a renegade incursion of proportions never before seen. After a year of all out war against this heretical uprising called [DATA EXPUNGED], the traitorous renegade faction would be all but defeated, the remains of this heretical group being sent to assorted research labs as test subjects. But this war did not go without casualties. Most of Jethro’s regiment had been slaughtered in an ambush. Only a few survivors were extracted from the engagement due to a heroic act of Jethro, who dashed through incoming fire to his heavy stubber, suppressing an entire hillside as his comrades were taken into the Valkyrie. This encounter lead to his regiment being awarded a Ribbon Intrinsic due to their heavy losses.

After the war’s end, Jethro was given an honorable discharge, after which he used his pension to travel from his planet to the Hive world of [DATA NOT FOUND], where he would shortly thereafter enlist to the mercenary band “Red Steel”. Content with his position of Junior Intern Assistant, he would settle down in this group through the following months.

This Veteran of an planetary war wears his Imperial Guard Flak armor with some pride, the plating showing signs of many battles. Whether it is bullet impact, or a edges showing signs of being burned, the armor still stands as a testament to his determination in combat. Hanging from his right shoulder plate would be a benediction of the Emperor, taken from the Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer. He would also gladly carry his heavy stubber, from which he gained his nickname. On his left hip hangs his mono-molecular sword, ready to be drawn from its sheathe at a moments notice, should it be needed. On the left side of his back, hanging towards his right shoulder, is his new combat shotgun. On his hip sits a solitary [Data Edited] hand-cannon., also prepared to be drawn should the need arise.

Due to complications with a more recent encounter with several flickering [DATA REDACTED] [DATA REDACTED] [DATA REDACTED] Resulting in the loss of his right leg. After dealing with [DATA REDACTED] [DATA REDACTED] , his leg was replaced with a bionic locomotive system.

During an infiltration of [DATA REDACTED] with the purpouse of [DATA REDACTED], Jethro Tull of the red steel mercenary faction was killed in action. His remains are currently in storage to be buried at the end of the mission.




Out among the ashes
Of heroes long since past
I will take my place among them
When that final die is cast

Do not weep at my demise
As you stand firm and strong
For the Emperor’s might is with me
This is
Where I


Jethro "Stubber" Tull [Deceased]

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