Khorrl is a rather small person with an extraordinary unremarkable face, this however does not mean that he is happy with being ignored, oh no sir! He is, after all a cheap assassin for hire, but don't tell him that.


WS: 32
BS: 46
Str: 29
T: 22
AG: 36
Per: 39
WP: 25
Fel: 33

Weapons: Hunting rifle with: Silencer, Laser red dot sight/telescopic sights. The rifle is armed with 30 man-stopper bullets.
11 Mono throwing knives, poisoned with tox jack. (-10 toughnes) 1d10 necrotic dmg)

Gear: Flak guard armor.
Stummer: removes ambient sounds 30 to move silently.
Grappel Hook: for positioning.
30 climb
Cliff Harness: +30 climb.
Injector: Poisons and stimms are usefull for torture.
Photo visors.
Powdered Maidensfoil: Poison/drug, when digested=sleeping time.


Khorrl was born on the hive world Scintilla in Gun Metal city. Being the son of a prostitute while living in the shady parts of the lower levels, Khorrl really did not have a clean start. He was forced to witness his mother “playing” with his “father” the pimp, for most of his childhood, until it was his turn to play. At this point Khorrl accepted the way of the gun as most do in gun metal city, taking the gun of his “father” and killing him before he would be scarred forever, at least that is what Khorrl will tell you anyway. What continued was a life on the run, taking shelter in different apartments living under the rule of different men. Having lived under the authority of another man all his life, Khorrl decided to change his fate, so he started killing people. In the end one can only ask if Khorrl actually ever became his own master, or if he just ran away and while “proving” his independence as a gun for hire. Ultimately fate caught up with Khorrl forcing him to either confront or flee from his past. He joined and helped create the mercenary group red steel demanding respect and authority. He got neither, but he is still alive and sometimes he even considers himself to be among friends.


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