Lelouche strata

She stands tall, her stature is rigid and her forms are an inspiration to all that sees her.


Ws: 38
Bs: 47
Str: 30
T: 29
Ag: 36
Int: 36
Per: 29
Wp: 30
Fel: 32

Command +10
Forbidden lore (herasy)
Awareness: + 10
Perform Sing
Faith Talents x6
Bw las
Bw solid
Melee Chain

Hatred Heretics
+10 against heretics

Quick draw
Ready as a freeaction

Mighty shot
+2 damage with ranged attacks

Unshakable Faith
Re-roll failed fear tests

Nerves of steel
Reroll failed tests to avoid pinning

Armour of contempt
You are resilient to corruption

Never gain insanity against normal horrors

Litany of battle
Makes me to allow one reroll of weapon or ballistic skill tests by using one of my fatepoints.

Pure Faith
Among the teeming billions of the faithful, a rare
handful of individuals are truly touched by the God-
Emperor’s divine hand. These servants are shielded
from the power of warp by the blessed light of Terra
and their own unwavering faith in the destiny and
righteousness of the Master of Mankind.
Characters with this Talent gain access to the
following abilities:

• They are completely immune to Daemonic
Presence and are unaffected by it.
• They may spend a Fate Point to ignore a Fear Test
(see Dark Heresy page 232). They must do so as
soon as the Fear Test would be required and before
any rolls are made.
• They may spend a Fate Point to avoid gaining
Insanity or Corruption for an encounter, as
determined by the GM.
• They may burn a Fate Point to ignore the effects of
a single daemonic psychic attack that effects them.
They must do so as soon as the power manifests,
before they make any rolls to resist or any of the
power’s effects are applied.

Holy radience
To stand in the presence of a truly faithful disciple of the God-
Emperor is to bath in their confi dence and conviction. With
this Talent the faithful emanates an aura of pure faith and
devotion to the Emperor that others nearby can experience.
This aura will banish fear and doubt as well as steeling hearts
and minds against the evils of the warp, giving the followers
of the Creed the strength to stand against the foulest of foes.

Effect: All allies of the faithful that can both see and hear
him will gain immunity to Daemonic Presence just as if they
had the Pure Faith Talent themselves. In addition his calming
presence will reassure his allies that the Emperor is with them
and grants a +10 on all Fear Test regardless of their source.
Burn: Allies of the faithful that can both see and hear
him are immediately freed from the effects of Fear and any
ongoing psychic powers cast by daemons. In addition they
will also become immune to Fear for the remainder of the

Emperors Light
Open your mind, body, and soul to the light of the Emperor
and let it wash away your fear; in His radiance you are
protected and none can stand against your sword. This Talent
fi lls the mind of the faithful and his allies with a powerful
calm, preventing even the most horrifi c of things from
unsettling them and allowing them to fi ght the foes of the
Emperor with detached brutality.

Effect: The faithful and a number of his allies up to twice
his Fellowship bonus gain a +20 on Fear Tests. In addition
creatures with a Fear Rating of 1 do not cause them to take
Fear Tests. Such is the disturbing calm this Talent bestows
upon the faithful, however, that while under its effects they
will suffer a –20 on all Interaction Skill Tests as they fail to
read emotions in others and display none themselves. This
Talent can be combined with the Master Orator Talent to
affect more allies.
Burn: The effects last for the entire game session.

Burden of guilt
The God-Emperor suffers not the lies of his enemies and in
His presence even the darkest of hearts will feel the weight
of their falsehood heavy on their shoulders. With this Talent
the faithful projects the Emperor’s disdain for deceit so that
all who look upon him or hear his voice will feel their own
secrets gnawing at their conscience like a frenzied rat hungry
for escape.

Effect: Any character that can hear the voice of the
faithful, either face to face or via remote means such as a vox,
will fi nd it diffi cult to lie to them. If the character’s Willpower
is equal to or less than the faithful’s then he must win an
Opposed Willpower Test with the faithful to utter an out
and out lie without making a choking or coughing noise.
The GM may however grant the character a bonus of +10 to
+30 depending on whether or not they are merely bending
the truth or as a result of the severity of the lie. Characters
with a Willpower higher than the faithful are unaffected by
this Talent. GM should note that clever NPCs will seldom lie
directly, and may choose not to answer or change the subject
if they suspect something is up.
Burn: The faithful automatically wins the Opposed Test,
in addition he may attempt this Talent against those with a
Willpower higher than his (though he must make an Opposed
Test as normal).

Soul decay
The wicked and the corrupt will rot in the sight of the
Emperor’s faithful, His divine light turning their dark hearts
to acid in their chests and burning them with their sin. This
Talent turns a creature’s corruption inwards, wracking its
body with pain and burning its fl esh as its evil is refl ected
back upon it by the blessed presence of the Emperor’s chosen.

Effect: The faithful can choose a single creature that he
can both see and which can also hear his voice, but which
may not have a Willpower greater than his or more than
twice his number of Wounds. The chosen creature and the
faithful must then make an Opposed Willpower Test. If the
creature fails then it will be struck with Soul Decay for the
remainder of the encounter/combat. If the creature has any
Corruption Points then it will suffer a –10 on all tests as it
is wracked with pain. In addition Daemons and psykers also
suffer 1 point of damage each round that cannot be reduced
by armour or Toughness, until they fl ee the faithful’s sight.
Burn: The faithful will affect all creatures within his sight
with Soul Decay.

Repel deamon
Cast out the daemon, the unclean, and the spawn of the warp;
from His holy graces you are delivered into the light and from the
darkness of the pit your foes will return. This Talent allows the
faithful to force a creature of the warp, such as a daemon, to retreat
and can, with a suitable strength of will, keep it at bay, powerless
to approach the favoured servant of the God-Emperor.

Effect: The faithful utters a prayer of warding and makes a
powerful gesture against all warp spawn in his presence. While
in effect any creature of the warp, such as a daemon, must win
an Opposed Willpower Test to approach the faithful closer than
3 times his Willpower Bonus in metres. Should the creature
pass this test it must win a second Opposed Willpower Test to
touch the faithful. Creatures which are within this radius when
the ability is activated and fail the Opposed Willpower Test are
immediately pushed to a distance of 3 times the Willpower Bonus
of the faithful. This power only repels daemons from the faithful
and not from his allies, though they can stay close to him to
benefi t from it. In addition this Talent only repels daemons and
does not hurt them, prevent them from using ranged weapons
and psychic powers or penalise them in any other way.
Burn: The effects last for the entire game session.

Daemon trap

Divine symbol

Seal of purity


Feral worlder:
Rite of passage, may use an full acion to staunch blood loss, int test-

Wilderness savvy:
count as basic skills

Iron stomach: You geain 10+ bonus to Carouse skill tests made to resist the effect of ingested toxins, poison or tainted foods. This applies to tests made to consume unusual or unpleasant meals. As well as test made to resist throwing up.

-10 penalty on Tech use(int)
-10 penalty on Fellowship tests made in Formal or Civilized surroundings.

As you look at her, you are filled with a hope, and as you hear her voice, your fear of demons and such is sated, because you know, she’s going to have your back in whatever situation you get into.

Her body looks perfectly proportional, eyes green, hair black and long, her curves perfectly sates whatever eyes that look upon her. Her skin is fair and her face even more so. Even though she have an almost permanent look of disgust upon her face

[She wears a flak armor she have painted it black and red.

She wears a combat armor she acquired from an heretic mercenary force. She also have two autopistols, one with silencer on and one without. A bolter she have paint coated with two Imperial Aquila red and black all in matching colours as her armour.
She also have a medallion made of titanium which is fashioned as the Imperial Aquila to which she often finds herself praying for guidance in solitude.]


She was born on a feral world named Iochanthos in the middle of a warzone, the warlords conflicting over a huge plantation of ghostfire flowers. Nobody knew though that the people that was farming there had started worshiping Slaanesh, the mother of Lelouche was an adept in the fields of the chaos gods. She knew what she had to do, she contacted the authorities on demon killing, through a friend of hers, that had been a part of the heresy uprooting cult Adepta Soraritas her whole life.

Her name was Lillian “Lelouche” Bane. A living saint, of the sacred rose chapter. She had after a particularly long and drawn out campaign on Armageddon, because she protected a child (Lelouche’s mother)gotten a dishonorable dispatch (she disobayed a superior, whereas she should have been shot, but because of her service was just dishonorably dispatched) to the war torn Iochanthos.

Though she didn’t know it at first, a lord commander had seen her greatness and found it in him to send her to a place where she could do what she did best. Root out heresy. She found many a friend among the people on Iochanthos. She was a great warrior and inspired people around her to greatness.

Lelouche strata

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