Macrian Newbell


Name: Macrian Newbell
Homeworld: Imperial world of Taalos Rubeus (Calixis Sector)
Undercower name: Barbados Nixius, Karlos Trivius
Divination: Men must die, so man can Endure
Gender: Male
Build: Fit/Muscular
Skin colour: Tan
Career Path: Assasin
Height: 185cm
Weight: 90kg
Hair Colour: Blond
Eye Colour: Emerald Green
Quirk: Tatto over the Heart (COURAGE CONQUERS All), Shrapnel Scar on Left Ear and scar on throat)
Age: 37 Terran Years


Weapon Skill: 55
Ballistic Skill: 55
Strenght: 40
Toughnes: 50
Agility: 60
Intelligence: 40
Perception: 40
Willpower: 42
Fellowship: 30

Fate Points: 2
Wounds: 20
Corruption points: 5
Insanity Points: 2


Acrobatics +20
Awareness +20
Climb +20
Concealment +20
Contortionist +20
Common Lore Underworld +10
Drive (Ground vehicle, Walker)
Dodge +20
Double Team
Intimidate +10
Inquiry +20
Pilot (Civilian Craft +10, Military Craft +10)
Tech use +10
Scholastic Lore (Imperial Creed, Heraldry)
Security +10
Silent Move +20
Shadowing +20
Survival +10
Swim +10
Wrangling +10


T Ambidextrous
T Assassin Strike
T Blind Fighting
T Catfall
T Crack Shot
T Dead Eye Shot
T Die Hard
T Disarm
T Fearless
T Hard Target
T Heavy Weapontraining (SP)
T Heightened Senses (Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch)
T Jaded
T Leap Up
T Light Sleeper
T Lightning Attack
T Lightning Reflexes
T Nerves of Steel
T Marksman
T Melee Weapontraining (Power)
T Mighty Shot
T Pistol Training (Las, SP, Plasma)
T Quick Draw
T Rapid Reload
T Rapid Reaction
T Sharpshooter
T Sure strike
T Step Aside
T Swift Attack
T Two Weapon Wielder (Ballistic, Melee)
T Wall of Steel

TOTAL XP 12050


Infra-Red Goggles: +20 To vision based perception test at night and cases of invisibility and obscured vision like fog/dust clouds.

Re-Breather/Gasmask: +30 To Toughness Test made to resist gases and may reroll failed results.
User is also capable to hold their breath for Aprox. one hour. After
that, the air-cannister must be replaced (25 Thrones)

Recoil Gloves: Can fire all basic weapons with one hand without getting -20 penalty.

Clip Harnes: +30 To Climb Tests and connot fall if he fails.

Granade Launcher Belt: A belt Similar to one that contains shotgunshells, except this one
holds 6-8 Granades specificaly for the granade launcher. The belt
Allows for easy access to the granades, but the specialy designed
slots in the belt do not allow for storage of granades that you would
usualy Throw.

Lense reflectioncap: Is used for hindering light from reflecting of a sniperscope. This is
To prevent the enemy/target to see the glimpses that may occur when
Light bounces of the telescopic sight, decreasing the chances
off the Shooter being spotted. This is done by covering the end of the
Sight with a non-reflective fabric that allows light to get inn, but
not out.

Lucky Charm: A Adamantine Adeptus Mechanicus Graduation Ring with the insignia of
the Holy forgeworld of Mars, made by the Master of the Forge.(see
background story for more info)


Fire Selector: (Nomad) Allows for fast changing of ammunitiontypes without Changing the
Whole magazine.

Grav-Accelerator: (Nomad) A grav-accelerator increases the weapon’s Damage by 1 and Range
by 10 meters, but increases recoil and doubles reload time.

Silencer: (Nomad) -20 Penalty to Awerness Test to hear or spot shooter and can only
be tried within the weapons Standard Range.

Telescopic Sight: (Nomad) Ignores the penalty for fireing at long and extreme ranges.


Standard Flack Armore +4 all parts


(2)Howler Granade: Characters within a howler grenade’s blast radius who lack heavy hearing
protection are automatically deafened, and must pass a Challenging (+0)
Toughness Test or be Stunned while the grenade is active. Failure by
three or more degrees results in the deafness being permanent.(Blast 3)

(2)Thermal Granade: 1d10+3 E p6 Blast(2)Anyone caught within a thermal grenade’s blast must
succeed on a Challenging (+0) Agility Test or be set on fire. They can
also burn down most barricades and lesser internal structures, and are
often used by suppression teams during uprisings for just that purpose.
In a bind, a thermal grenade can be employed in sabotaging equipment as
the high-intensity heat can warp metal.

(2)PhotonFlash Granade: Anyone caught in a photon flash grenade’s blast must succeed on a
Challenging (+0) Toughness Test or be blinded for 1d5 Rounds.

(2)Krack Granade: 2d10+4 X pen 6 (Blast 2)Is used against heawy armored wehicles and

(60)Expander Bullets: Increase the weapon’s Damage and Penetration by 1. Medicae Tests
made to administer First Aid to a target that has taken Damage from
expander bullets suffer a -10 penalty. This condition persists until the
target no longer has any Damage.

(5)Hyper densety-
Penetrator Rounds: Penetrators increase the weapon’s Damage and Penetration values by 2.
The weapon gains the Tearing and Vicious qualities if it didn’t already
have them.


For those that defy the Imperium, only the emperor can judge your crimes. Only in death can you receive the emperors judgement.


Macrian was born into the wealthy Rogue Trader family Newbell. Newbell family had earned enormous sums that their grandfather had started with interplanetary trade with neighboring systems . The family came to have a monopoly on all export and import to the planet, which also meant a great deal power. Macrian was under constant training. He was an only child and his father became very concerned that he would be ready for the day he took over as the head of the family. This meant everything from training how to operate a trading vessel to negotiate agreements to combat strategy. At the age of 14 years, Macrian had an education equivalent to a lieutenant in the navy. Macrian had everything, money, power , knowledge and fame. The only thing that bothered him was the endless loneliness. Sure, there were plenty of servants, service skulls, guards and maids , but these were not someone he could talk or play with . Also the constant stream of dignitaries who visited the Newbell family was equally if not more artificial than the service skulls flying around in the hallways. It did not help that his father had refused him to leave the palace walls because of the dangerous outside world.

His favorite hobby was to hide from the officers, maids and other “boring” people and climb on the roofs and spires. What many saw as dangerous activities he found easy as a breeze. He could for example lock himself in a room, then climb out the window , walk along the gutter and into the next. What he missed so much was a friend he could be with. This changed when Macrian was in the large garden complex the family had cultivated up the centauries. He walked along the wall that surrounded the entire complex in his own thoughts when he saw a crack in the wall. He peered through and he could see all the way to the other side. Surprised to have found a weakness in the otherwise perfect facade, he triad and poked around the little crack. He nearly jumped when a morsel tumbled down just by the little touch. Their house (castle) had been extended numerous times over the centuries. This section of the wall had to be one the few original parts that still remained, Macrian thought. He suddenly had an idea that began to scratch the back of his head. He ran to the gardener’s garage and asked for a pick and shovel. Having acquired the right tools he started on his little plan. After 3 hours of rough labor Macrian could reap from his work . A hole big enough for him to get through , but small enough to be able to hide with some branches. After class the next day, he went to straight to his room, changed his clothes into something common clothes and went to the small tunnel in the wall. He stood there for a few minutes just looking at the wall. Weighing the risks and consequences of leaving. Then, in the flash of an eye, he decided. The world outside was everything he had dreamed of. The city outside was teeming with life, there were markets , temples , imperial guards patrolling , merchants yelling , statues of saints and other heroes . But best of all was that there were other children there. Macrian was so accustomed to associate with adults that he did not know how to behave around them. They were suspicious of him, he was a newcomer they had not seen before. Skeptical to bring him into the group, they challenged him to climb the spire of Longinus Temple. Macrian had read about Primark Longinus and his ultimate sacrifice to protect the emperor and empire. And now he would climb the tower of the temple which was erected in his memory. He took the challenge without blinking and turned his back to them with a smile. The Longinus temple was in the eyes of many, a very large building, but the Newbell palace were three times as massive and he had climbed on each and every one nook and cranny of the roof as long as he could remember.
They could not believe their eyes. They stood there gaping as he was almost on top of the spire which was almost 250 meters high. They had meant it as a joke, an impossible task that would scare him away so they did not have to reject him directly. The group had given him a scarf with a picture of the Empires Aquila, one that he would tie around the top of the main tower. From the top Macrian could look beyond the city and the sight was almost magical. He could see from the Spaceport in the west to the huge chimneys of adamantine refinery in the east. And in the south he could just make out the vast red sea. He had always dreamed of seeing the red sea which had given the planet its nickname " The ruby of the Empire" He had learned that it was a special type of algae that gave the water such redness . His train of thought was interrupted abruptly when a hatch right under him was torn up by a furious priest of The Imperial creed. “You disbelief mongrel of the Imperials worst scum! How in the name of Emperor dare you to traverse the Holy temple of Saint Longinus!” Macrian did not even manage to answer before the priest took up a las gun and he shot straight at him. The beam barely missed the head and burnt a big hole in his cape. More was not needed, Macrian fell.
It was as if time was in slow motion. He saw the spire only grow in front of him as he accelerated towards the inevitable smashing on the rockcrete. He had just closed his eyes and accepted his fate when he felt an intense pain followed by a yank around his ankle. He touched the back of his head and felt his hand got wet, the world began to blackened and the last thing he remembered was three red eyes and an mechanical voice who said "By the holy light of the Omnisiah and ancient whisperers of the machine spirits, you have the luck of a Guardsman which holds a Las carbine manufactured on Mars”
Macrian woke up with a massive headache, he opened his eyes and was terrified when he saw a priest of Adeptus Machanicus order. Macrian had seen a lot of augmentations in his life, it was rather common among the nobility and rich merchants to have augmentations and prosthetics that enhanced their physical and psychological capabilities. But this was far more then he had ever seen in his life. The Mechanicus Priest did not show any skin or hair at all. He was all cowered in metal plates, electrical wires, fluid pumping pipes, heat vents, robotic arms and machine tentacles. Huge leather inbound books with the Adeptus Mechanicus insignia on them, hung on his sides while Servitor skulls and other automata, (which all seemed to be connected to the Priest somehow), was flying/walking around operating different apparatus and clockwork-like machinery. “Do not be afraid young one” The mechanical voice sounded. “The other priest will not find you here” Macrian was dumbfounded for a second then he took to the back of his head, clearly remembering he had damaged it in the fall. He felt a sharp pain, but was surprised to feel a bandage there as well. “You had severe head injury that needed to be fixed. Lucky for you that I still have the Medicea knowledge incorporated into my memory cortex.” “What is this place? What are you doing here? What will you do to me?” Macrian asked, clearly worried about all the unknown factors in the situation. “So many questions, So little time. This, my young, is The Interface network of the electricity, communication and control of the Terran Time Clockwork that is linked to Holy Terra itself. It is here we control and measure the time so that it is exactly the same as it is shown in the golden Throne room on Holy Terra. We also managed the general communication network that runs through the city and other important sustaining systems such as electricity, sewer and water control. But back to our situation, you cannot leave without my authentication key and a holy permit scroll. And the only way you are going to get those are by either, letting me hook up your brain through your spinal cortex and mind sweep you, or you can start working for me.” Macrian didn’t have to think long for deciding that his sanity was worth a little more than a few work hours, so he came up with a brave “yes, il work”. The expressionless face of the tech-priest, almost looked content somehow with that answer. “Good, now that have gotten that out of the way, why don’t you tell me who you are and don’t dare lie to me, my external sensors are already monitoring your heart rate, breathing, eye movements and analyses your voice as we speak.” Macrian didn’t have much choice but telling the truth. 15 minutes later he had told pretty much what it was to tell and the tech-priest had stopped moving at all, even the servitors had circled around him, like they were curios. “I thought it was something familiar with you. You have your grandfathers eyes.” Macrian was shocked, how could this tech-priest possibly know anything about his grandfather? “don’t look so surprised, I am older than you think, much older than even your great Grandfather. I am 637 years, 7 months, 1 week, 3 days, 14 hours and 39 minutes old, give or take. And I have gotten a lot of eyes and ears up through the centuries, literally. Believe it or not, but I was once a humble servant of the Newbell family. I Tended to their electronics, their security systems and was responsible for the maintenance of their starships. Truthfully I served and look where it got me. When I helped your Grandfather Tristian Newbell plan out this city I was supposed to manage the systems and intricate machinery that would make this whole town work. But I was soon forgotten, and left here in this control room, forever bound by my pride and duties to continue working tirelessly. Macrian didn’t know what to say, he felt sorry for the Tech-priest and decided therefore on behalf of his coming title and power that he would help him with his tasks and one day release him from this technological prison he had put upon himself. Without further a due he received the key and the permit and promised he would show up the next day. He could not lie either and even if he did, he didn’t want his father to know of his adventures.
When he walked past the Cathedral guards, like he owned the place (which by definition he did, through his father) the other kids didn’t believe their eyes. No one where allowed to walk freely inside the Temple without proper authorization or a Holy pilgrimage. So you could say Macrian had gotten their eternal respect from there on out.
The days went by and you could say Macrian didn’t get much sleep. Almost every day after educative lessons, he snuck through the tunnel in the wall and into the town. Macrian had quickly adapted to the life outside. He had learned how to easily avoid getting caught by the Imperial guards and the local Arbites patrols by blending with the crowd and putting on a hat, removing a hood, dropping his coat and so on. He had learned to become quite unremarkable which was a great advantage when he got the stares and irritated mumblings of Imperial he had to walk past to get to the Tech-priests chamber. He had gotten a new definition of what was hard labor. The work he was ordered to do, everything from moving heavy objects to climbing among the thousands of wires and pipes to get single one that needed repair.
Days became weeks and weeks became months. Hard work and adventures playing with his friends had led him to grow rather big for his age. His hands had gone from being pure, wielding delicate tools and furniture to big rugged work hands. His was taller than most boys his age and a lot braver than most men. His relationship towards the tech-priest was a rather strange one. He got angry whenever he made a mistake, but gave him advice on how to get better. The Tech-priest himself didn’t show much emotion. A lot of it was because he literally couldn’t, he was mostly machine and had therefore no functiones dedicated to something as useless as showing emotions. But as time grew, he wished for the first time that he could smile again. Macrian quickly became the closest the Tech-Priest had ever had to a family and they both started to enjoy each others company. After a long day of working they often ended up telling to each other. Macrian told about what he had been playing and which nobility he been pranking. The tech-priest told mostly ancient stories about times hundreds of years before Macrian had been born and they were all equally amazing to listen. One of the stories was about when the tech-priest graduated. It seemed to down in on Macrian that this wasn’t any Tech-Priest, but a Disciple of the Forges of Mars. One of the many trials was the unity trial, the so called ending of names. It was here that the Tech-priest had given his soul and flesh to machine spirits and replaced his name with a number. (1117 IA). An offer he had gladly given, but sourly regretted many times after. He looked upon the adamantine ring it had earned him. It had the Adeptus Mechanicus Insignia and was cowered by Holy Scripture carefully engraved with gold and platinum letters and symbols. But most off all, it had the access key information to all the known Standard Template Constructs in the galaxy. Only the most renowned Tech-Priest of the forge world of Mars were given this ring, made by the Master of the Forge himself. This ring was one of the main reasons Mars Tech-Priests was able to handle almost any technology based on old STC designs and made them sought after throughout the galaxy. Probably also the reason why the Rougetrader family Newbell had gotten him. It was after 350 years that he rediscovered his name. Hidden among the millions of lines of code that cluttered his cybernetic brain, he had found it. He was glad to finally find the last piece of humanity he had given away, to feel like a person again. He knew such actions was heresy so therefore he kept it a secret so no one could ever use it against him.
His name was Ihateus Alleneuskeys.
Macrian was happy. Nothing could get any better than playing with his friends and working with the old Tech-priest. But as everything seemed to be in perfect order and life was only smiling back, it happened. His father came home 2 years ahead of schedule because he had gotten an opportunity he could not refuse. A shipping deal with another rougetrader named Colinius Devereux. They were to sign the deal at the Newbell estate in 7 days so he was very anxious to get the preparations done in time. This also included Macrian to be at the estate at all times. He was also told that he was to be permanently under surveillance for security purposes from now on. Macrian hated his father for leaving him and his mother for so long and then just come back and pretend all was ok. But most of all he hated him for destroying what happiness he had left. At the dinner table two days before the deal was to be made the three of them were eating in silence. Then Macrian had had enough. He told his father everything, how a greedy ego he was and how better everything was without him. He also slipped his tounge telling him about all the new friends he had gotten outside the palace. The silence that continued afterwards was deafening. His father rose, walked up to Macrian and slapped him across his face. “NO SON OF MINE TALKS TO ME THAT WAY!” then he took of the white glow he was wearing which was now stained with red spots and threw it at Macrian. “Take him to his room. I have more important business to attend too” “yes my lord, of course my Lord” two servants answered fast following Macrian to his chambers.
Macrian did not sleep that night. He lay in his oversized bed and thought only on how much he hated being here with his father. Suddenly he woke. He had apparently fallen to sleep for a short time but a strange sound had woken him. Went to the door to check on the sounds but stopped just as he was about to open it. He heard a scream. Not just any scream but hes mothers. “MACRIAN!!!” he opened the door carefully and saw his mother just down the hallway holding to her stomach around a red spot that was growing. Right behind her came man Macrian would burn into his memory forever. Colinius Devereux. “Scream all you want, you bitch. Nothing will stop me from finding your son.” Clearly in horrible pain, Macrians mother triad one final time to call for help, to warn Macrian. “I would have raped you first if you hadn’t been this feisty. Now all I can do is to watch you squirm on the floor like a helpless cow ready to be slaughtered” That’s when something snapped in Macrians mind. He grabed the closest and sharpest thing he could reach. A silver letter opener. He took it and sprinted out the door with all his might. The world was in slow motion, even the air around him seemed to grow thicker as he ran as fast he ever would do. His naked feet had a good grip on the floor so he did not slip, his hands were tight around the letter opener so he did not loose it, he was speeding with all he had so he did not slow, he eyes was so focused so he did not blink and his hatred was so strong that he did not miss. He hit him straight in the left eye and blood sprayed all over. “DAMNIT! MY EYE! IIL FUCKING SKULL RAPE YOUR FACE YOU LITTLE CUNT! The rougetrader was so made with rage that he did not check his footing and slipped on the floor carpet. He hit his head hard on the floor and went still.
Holding his mothers head in his hands, he tried to calm her and slow the bleeding, but the red pool around her mother was too huge not to be fatal. “My son, you must escape! We are under attack and others will find you if you stay here with me” His mother said weakly. “NO! I will not leave you, never again, never again.” The tears were flowing now, he could not stop them no matter how hard he tried. “You have always been a difficult child Macrian. Now obey your mothers final wish. Survive. At all cost. I. I. I Love you.” Then her eyes slowly closed and her body fell limp. Macrian had to use every fiber of willpower to stand up and start to think rationally. He quickly ran to the mad rougetrader body and picked up his radio. “zzzz we have cleared most of the complex now, finishing the upper levels soon over. zzzzz” Macrian still had time. He ran to his room picked up only the bare essentials and climbed down the gutter outside his window. In the cower of night, he ran through the garden towards the tunnel. On the other side he continued running away. Then he looked up. A giant starship was hovering in the sky, it had to be battleship class or at least an heavy cruiser. Then the radio spracled to life again. “All ground personnel evacuate the premises, i repeat all ground personnel evacuate the premises the boss has authorized order 99, I repeate order 99 is in effect, initiating in 120 seconds.” Macrian almost wanted to go back, the boss, aka Clinius was still alive.
Two minuts later he saw a bright red light and then a huge explosion vaporizing his home into nothingness. Only one person in the world could help him now. The Tech-priest. Lucky for him, the whole city was in disseray so he easily could sneek into the temple without getting noticed. Fires and bandits were everywhere, the planetary defense force seemed to have been taken care of and the arbites where not anywhere to be seen.
When he reached the control room, the tech-priest was already preparing himself for battle and was pointing three guns straight at him. “Thank the Omnisiah you are still alive. They cut all of my hardlines so I couldn’t get a fix on you, but we have to move fast if we want to get out of this alive.“ The tech-Priest said metallically fast. “I know of a small ship just outside the city, we can use that to escape”
After finding a functional vehicle and driving it to the city outskirts, they saw it. A rusty old shiplike structure pointing upwards. But they discovered too late that they had been followed. Six vehicles with turrets came racing towards them. The Tech-Priest took Macrians hand saw him in the eyes. “They will destroy the shuttle before we are able to lift of, so I’ll have to keep them at bay for as long as I can until you are able to take off.” “But I have never flown one of those before in my life, how am I supposed to make it work?” Macrian said desperately. “Here, take my ring, we will communicate through it and I’ll tell you what to do” Without an response he pushed Macrian towards the ship. And turned around to face the men.
He was at least outnumbered forty to one and they all seemed to be heavily armed. “Easyer to hit something then” he thought while giving his own machine body some mental commands. “AUTO-TARGETING INITIATED, READYING FIRE SECUENCE. BELTFED AUTCANNON MARS PATTERN READY. Thudd, thudd, thudd, thud. The first vehicle got blown apart and then the others spread out and started firering back. “Macrian! Are you inside the cockpit?” “yes, I am” Macrian answered. “All you have to do is push the ring against the console and press the green and yellow button” The Tech-Priest fired away like a mad man, with two heavy stubbers filled with amputaterrounds and one Mars pattern autocannon he was making a humen salad on the other side. He didn’t feel any pain when they hit him back, but his body was slowly crumbling underhim from all the damage he was taking. And in the distance he could a massive amount of reinforcements, about 400-500 more men. He knew he wouldn’t last long.
Inside the cockpit lights had been turned on and Macrian heard a rumble from the engines. The horrifying sound of all the doors closing, the tech-priest had to make it, he just had to. He tried all the buttons but nothing happened. [Launch in 30 seconds] “I cannot come with you macrian I am sorry. Remember me, remember my name Ihateus Alleneuskeys.” [launch in 5,4,3,2,1]
I cannot come with you, but I can give you a heads start. Then he entered his final command: ACTIVATION OF END SEQUENCE X1117X. FUSION WILL OCCUR IN 60 SECONDS. Then his head got blown off. Two of the soldiers dared get close to him and kicked him. “Do you think its dead?” FUSION WILL OCCUR IN 5,4,3,2 “Crap…”
A blinding white light hit the window on the shuttle cockpit. Macrian had to shield his eyes not to get blinded, but that did not make his eyes shine any weaker for the lust of Revenge.

Macrian Newbell

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