Saul Arbest


34 years old

Tantalus Indenture
Chamber 6-23-717
Coscala Division

Has a sister named Lilly


After being missing for 32 days, he was found dead on a train close to Temple Memoria in the middle hives, suspected of drug overdose by the local enforcers. However, anomalies sparked the interests of Hetiareia Lexis which procured the body for further testing.

During autopsy they discovered he had died from total system failure due to implant rejection of a long white coord that appeared to be overriding his whole nervous system, a wicked and forbidden heretech. They also found chemical traces of clotting agents likely used to keep him alive during this most painfull surgery. Additionally, the optic nerve had been removed for unknown nefarious reasons, and there was damage to the vocal coord. The scarring looked about 10 days old.

Saul Arbest

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