Solomon Demeter

Investigator, capture and information extraction (CIE) specialist, and unkillable shotgun-wielding soldier of fortune!


Tough, well armored close combat specialist.
Well skilled in takedowns and disarmament techniques, good for capturing high value targets.

Interrogator, information-gatherer and reader of people!

Also knower of the markets, finder of guns and gear!

WS 36
BS 40
Str 40
T 41
Ag 35
Int 42
Per 35
WP 37
Fel 35

Inquire +10 talented (55)


Solomon grew up on the shrine world Taquesh, in a poor family who worked in the candle factorium. His physical and mental strengths where discovered at an early age, and he was recruited into the local enforces, where he was trained in the use of gun and baton. He fought well against the criminals of the area, and was soon raised up to investigator, for his inquisitive mind searched ever for clues and motives.
He continued for several years as an investigator, and unraveled several drug gangs and minor crime syndicates. But his search for truth would lead to the end of his career, for while investigating several murders, he discovered clues linking the crime to one of the priests of the local clergy. Despite several warnings from his colleges and his superiors, he continued the search for the truth, but was soon fired from his job and exiled from the planet.

Solomon traveled between systems for a few years, doing short jobs as private security, before finally joining up with other mercenaries he had come to know, founding the group Red Steel.

Solomon is a relatively tall man, standing 183 cm tall, and is powerfully built. His skin is fair, and his hair is a dark shade of brown. He is usually clean shaved, and has green eyes. He has a large Aquila tattoo on his back. Aged 29, he has often been the speaker for the group when dealing with others, and is the one the other members of Red Steel turn to when they need to get in touch with someone who sells the hardware they need.

Solomon Demeter

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