Oversized shotgun for quick decimation

weapon (ranged)

1d10+9 I
Pen 0

Scatter, Reliable
Red Dot Laser Sight


This massive Vox Legi – Pattern Arbites Combat Shotgun is Solomon’s primary weapon (and favorite machine in the world). He aquired it shortly after the “Red Eye Disappearances”, bought from an old contact from his enforcer days, that he keeps in touch with to gain access to police gear.

As all other shotguns of this pattern, the gun is hugely over-sized, and fires shells almost the size of those fired by the Astartes version. It may be used as a heavy club (although Solomon prefers his shock maul), and the audible pump actions always gets Solomons blood pumping. He has had it customized with the Red Steel logo, and a red dot laser sight for increased accuracy.


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