Old Shock

Solomons old shock maul

weapon (melee)

Good quality, +5 attack



This well made shock maul, wielded by several generations of investigators, was passed to Solomon when he was promoted. An older model than the kind most often used in sector calix, it’s shaft is engraved with the names of former owners. It’s name Old Shock always mentioned with affection by the enforcers of Taquesh.

Solomon used it when storming the hideout of his first drug lord, and used it to shock him into a coma that lasted for several days. It was his most prized possession, but was taken from him when he was exiled. His old mentor however, felt that the exile was unjust, and that the tradition of carrying Old Shocker until death or promotion is sacred. He therefore later smuggled the venerable shock maul off planet, and gave it to Solomon.

Old Shock

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