The Executioner

weapon (ranged)

Label: Basic
Range: 260m + 10
Firemodes: S/-/-
Damege: 1d10+6
Damage type: Impact
Penetration: 6
Clip size: 4+4
Relode: Full
Special: Accurate, Reliable


Fire Selector: Allows for fast changing of ammunitiontypes, without Changing the Whole magazine.

Grav-Accelerator: A grav-accelerator increases the weapon’s Damage and Penetration by 1 and Range by 10 meters, but increases recoil and doubles reload time. (If the Weapon allready is considered to have heavy recoil, It cannot be fired safely unless it got a stationary emplacement or the wielder have a strength bonus of 6. If the weapon is still fired, the wielder will get -20 on ballistics test and take 1d5+2 points of impact damage)

Silencer: -20 Penalty to Awerness Test to hear or spot shooter and can only be tried within the weapons Standard Range.

Telescopic Sight: Ignores the penalty for fireing at long and extreme ranges.

Lense reflectioncap: -10 Penalty to awerness test to see the concealed shooter. A Lense Reflection cap is used for hindering light from reflecting of a sniperscope. This is To prevent the enemy/target to see the glimpses that may occur when Light bounces of the telescopic sight, decreasing the chances off the Shooter being spotted. This is done by covering the end of the Sight with a non-reflective fabric that allows light to get inn, but not out.

Belacane Sniper Bipod: +5 to Ballistics test. If the weapon is fired at long or extreme ranges, the weapon will gain an additional +5 to ballistics test for a total of +10. The range of the weapon is increased by 10 meters. The weapon will also get the trait “accurate” if it didnt allready have it. An “inaccurat” weapon will not get “accurate”, but will get its “inaccurate” trait removed. The weapon will only have these advantages when the bipod is deployd. It takes a full round to deploy the bipod properly. This uppgrade is only compatible with Huntingrifles, long lases, bolter snipers, needle rifles, exitus rifles and other basic weapons with a range of 150 meters or more. This specially made Sniper bipod is made on the forgeworld of Belacana Segmentum Obscurus in the Calixis sector for the sniper teams in the imperal guard and some Astartes chapter-snipers. This rare and expensive weapon-uppgrade is know for making even the crudest of long range weapons significantly more accurate. It enhances the weapons stability with an intricate nettwork of springs that brings the sight allmost immediately back on target after fireing. It also comes with a rangefinder and wind detector that helps to further increase the accuracy on long and extreme ranges.

Shock Absorber: A liquid pressuresystem located in the stock of the weapon, that is much more efficient at absorbing the recoil than an ordinary spring. This is only possible due to its specialised fluid that turns the mechanical energy into heat which is wented out on the side of the weapon. This uppgrade halfes the recoil of the weapon and increases the fire rate by 1 shot on single firemode. (Which means weapons with only singlefire can now use semi atuomatic firemode with 2 rounds, but a weapon that can shoot 5 or 10 rapid fire shots does not benefit from this. The weapon must have atleast 2 rounds of ammunition in its clip to have this benefit. It is only the first shot that gets any damage bonuses from aiming and similar measures. If this uppgrade is used on a weapon cappable of rappid fire it will overheat after 3 Turns of constant rapid fireing due to its exstra heat output) This uppgrade is only campatible with basic or heavy solid projectile weapons.


(70)Expander Bullets: Increase the weapon’s Damage and Penetration by 1. Medicae Tests
made to administer First Aid to a target that has taken Damage from
expander bullets suffer a -10 penalty. This condition persists until the
target no longer has any Damage.

(5)Hyper densety-
Penetrator Rounds: Penetrators increase the weapon’s Damage and Penetration values by 2. The weapon gains the Tearing and Vicious qualities if it didn’t already
have them.


It had been over seven months since the last mission with the red demon plants and Macrian was getting bored as hell. Red Steel had gotten strict orders to not go on any signiifcant missions until further notice and all this idleness was getting on hes nervs. Macrian had been spending the weeks practising his skills and tweeking his weapons to get them to performe better in combat. So when the time came for their next mission, he would be ready.

He had also been exploring the hive, in the hopes of finding some suitable entertainment. But all the standard bordels, bars and casinos seemed to him kinda dull. Sometimes he came over fighting pits, where people were making wages and selling fighters to eachother. Macrian had allways had a facination for martial arts and often spared with the other members of Red Steel, but these fights hardly seemed even fair or meaningfull. Anybody could throw in weapons and such into the pits and usualy, the first person able to grab it won.

After winning and losing some bets he went on to find a spcial bar he had not noticed before. It was called “The Devils Den” and the sign had a skull biting down on a gun. It looked desserted. No sounds or lights were eminating from the place, but it was something about it that kept Macrians stare. It had an aura about that was almsot whispering to him. Calling him.

His curiosity got the better of him and he had to enter. To his dissapointment the heavy metal door was locked. But as he was about to turn around and walk away, a steel shutter opened and two fierce eyes looked at him. “What do you want!” The man said with deep voice. “I was wondering just wondering what kind of place this was, with its intimidating sign and all” Macrian said, trying to convince the door gueard. “Piss of, you little squirm. Come back one more time and il put a bullet between your eyes!” The gueard seemed very anoyed and closed the shutter with a bang. “Did i mention i was looking for a places to burn of some thrones” Macrian said while holding up a handfull of thrones. “Didnt i tell you to fuck o… But why didnt you say that in the first place! Come inn, come inn stranger. The entrance fee is 30 thrones so il take that.”

After relcutantly giving him the thrones, Macrian was holding up, he was allowed to enter. Inside the dim place, lots of suspicious eyes met him. It seemed like the hives worst scum had gathered for a drink or two. The stares only lasted for a while and the talking resumed. Macrian went to the bartender and ordered a beer. Suddenly he heard a gunshot, and then another and another. He looked around, but no one seemed to care even a little. “what were those shots just now” he asked the bartender. “Those shots were just the standard gun competition. Through that door over there we got ourselves a little indoor shooting range.” He pointed at the general direction of the door. “And how does this gun game of yours work?” Macrian was able to ask, just before he heard a terrible scream and a splatter noise, just like a watermelon hitting concret coming from the range. The bartender giggled a little, if you could call it that. “You and one other guy competes for eachothers guns. the one who loses, gets the other ones gun. You do this by shooting squigs, the one that shoots the most wins” “Fair enough” Macrian said. “Can i challange anybody?” “Anyone you like” The bartender said with a grin on his face. Macrian took a deep breath and with a deep voice he announced “I Challenge The Owner of That Gun!” he pointed straght at the big rifle hanging on wall behind the counter. The whole bar went silent. Everyone was staring at him. They all this wierd look on their faces, like they were expecting something extrodinary, and yes they did.

Out from a private lounge came the biggest and ugliest man Macrian had ever seen. He was atleast two and a half meter tall. Fat, And vile mutations was cowering most of his body, but most disturbing thing was the big and red third eye in the middle of his forhead. "Shkjo, I, hcawe a kchallangcher! " He almost gurgled out “I hcawe noth had a kchallangcher in Yearsch! It wchill be ghoodsj to see sjamone try beszhting me in a Gaime of Gunz, tze Great KWORCH!!!” Macrian knew he had seen him before, but was not certain until he heard his name. He recognised him from one of the many wanted posters hanging around. KWORCH, THE HEAD STOMPER, WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE, FOR COUNTLESS MURDERS, ROBBERIES, ASSAULTS AND SEVERAL ACTS OF HERRASY. REWARD, 22000 THRONES

“What ghunz do hjou havcs, to think you can rchival myh Exsjecutjoner!” The lumbering piece of meat asked. Macrian only had his trusty long las, with so he came with a proposition. “You can have my Long Las made with the finest craftsmanship and a charge pack? …and i am willing to put my trusty fundings of 3000 Thrones on the line”

“Now Thatsj more Likzh IT! BARCHTENDZER! Get me my Exsjecutjoner! NOW!” The bartender hurried and lifted the Rifle down from its pedestall and gave it cearfully to KWORCH. “Nowsh, Letz Ghjett down To buisjnesz”

The Gun range was more like two enclosed lanes a hundred meters long, with a steel panel seperating them. At the other end was what had to gates of some sort. On the ground layed loads of blood and brown dried gore. Some seemed fresher than others. It was then that Macrian realised that this was not going to a turkey shoot, but a fight for life or death. The squigs were gonna come straight at them and the winner would be the one who survived the longest. "On Second thought, maybe i should, head home. The nightsyclus is almost beginning and i need to some important matter and… “Shut up! you are not getting out of there before you kill all the squigs or til you are a red pool sticky entrails!” The bartender almost giggled before he shut the steel door behind him.

An audience had started to gather around them, and all of them were shouthing “KWORCH! KWORCH! KWORCH! KWORCH!” Macrian was getting a bad feeling, had been certain he could kill more squigs than anyone in the room, but in a straight line, his long las was never going to penetrate all the way through, but KWORCHs rifle most certain would kill three squigs in one shot. Then he saw what could only be a timer and it was counting dwon. 4-3-2-1. All Macrian could see through his scope was giant mouths on legs running straight for him. He shot the first one in the leg in a desparete effort to halt the others advance. Some was distracted and started eating their fellow squig but the rest continued onwards. Desparate for a way out he looked around for any adventeges in his surroundings. Then he realised the wall seprating the lanes was old and rusty and only supperted by two steel beams. In a last effort he used a hotshot pack and fired straight at nearest beam. The old beam melted and gave away for the heavy wall. The wall started falling and fell in such a way that it blocked his lane and instead funneled the squigs into the other. He heard several shots coming from the other side and roar of terror as the Squigs got to many. “NOOOO, THO MANNY, THOO MANNY ZJGIGQS, HJELPSZ ME, OPEN TSE DOOORGLBLELbeglebrglep” And then the sickening sound of ragged teeth tearing through flesh and bones. The audience went silent, obviously not expecting the result.

After Cearfully luring the rifle out of the smear of bloody goo that was KWORCH, he got stares of death from everyone. “Do you realy think we are going to let you out of here alive? After killing our Boss? We will cut your limbs of and throw you to the squigs while you helplesly get eaten alive!” “Good Thing i got this then” Said Macrian as closed his eyes and released a Photon Flash Granade in the crowd. “AHHH! MY EYES!” Macrian didnt linger for a second. He ran straight through the the thugs just before they started fireing in all directions. Macrian had experienced friendly fire before, but this went out of hand. Everyone who fired got shot back couse all of them was only thinking of returning fire. It was a bloodbath. A bullet graced Macrians Left ear as he was running past the entrance and he nearly escaped getting hit by the shrapnel when a genuis decided it was good idea to throw a nailbomb.

After running for 2 hours straight he was finaly back at Red Steel Headquarter. “You guys! You will never gues what i just did!” Macrian said full of enthusiasm. “Shut up, Khorrl just hired one of the best stripers in the underhive and we are trying to enjoy ourselves!” Solomon Said uninterrested. “Yea! its not often Lelouche strata is out and thats when we get to do shit like this” Jethro agreed. Shooked that nobody seemed to care about his new weapon and how he got it, he realised he had dropped his wallet with 3000 thousand thrones in it. Probably when he was fighting he was out of that bar. “Well, Fuck me AND my luck.”

The Executioner

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