The spinecarver

A chainsword, black and golden.

weapon (melee)


1 D10+6 R,
Pen 2,

Was golden and blue, Lelouche repainted it to be black and red. And lelouche painted an Imperial Aquila on it’s hilt.


The sword was blue and golden when Solomon procured it for her. As she got it she purified it and repainted it to be black and red as was the colors of the saint that saved her as a girl.

The one that named the sword killed many a xenos and was in a campaign warring against the chaos that encapsulated that particular system before he died.

One of the feats of the spinecarver is that whenever it was wrought down upon normal foes it would just function as a ‘normal’ chainsword, but as it was battling chaos god infested minds, it would always go for the spine, either if it went through the heretic or if it was to guide the hand of the wielder towards it.

[All relevant data to who crafted this sword has been redacted]

The spinecarver

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