The Darkest of Heresies

Short recap

From humble and not so humble beginnings, our company made of bloodied armors, swords that have cut through corrupted flesh many a’ time and bullets marked red…

Red Steel’s first appearance in the inquisition was a blunt way to mark their proficiancy, though they came through it relatively unscathed, only a few bruises and cuts we managed to crush the heresies and heretics that barred our way.

A short recap:
As we received a suspect invitation from an unknown source, we rallied on the marked location, which in itself was a bit shady.
(In a location vacant of prying ears or eyes)

We found ourselves hired by a slightly German accented vaudevillian veteran.
He wanted us to investigate a heretic incident which happened on (insert name later)

As we went down to our missions landscape we tried to bribe someone randomly, but found to our demise nothing of value, by this error, it was obvious to everyone that we needed to change the amount of money we payed for the information we got.

We went into the local chapel to test our grounds there, the priest was on the boarder lines to heretic. Only the emperors grace and the distraction of a lot of pictures of the missing kept me from shooting the priest for the drunken stature he had…

We got another more reputable merchant to guide us to our goal and this time we took the right precautions to make sure we got the right information which were ‘where the person that had turned up dead lived’

We found his sister there and got some information out of her, she left to go to a higher tier on this planet.

We stayed there for the night and we heard someone down below, we went down fast to see what it was, and we killed the lot of the “gangsters” and got the last survivor of the bunch to show us to the gang leader in that territory.

The gang leader were pliant to our cause, we had a common enemy, they wanted to kill off the red eyes too. We planned to assault what we had scouted out to be the base of operation for these ‘redeyes’

We went to an hostel, it was shabbier than the outside alley, but there were beds we slept until we heard something outside, we had a guard watching. What we woke up to shook our hearts cause it was a pile of see-trhough-skin creatures that only some kind of lowly heretic could concoct in their corrupted minds.

We fought through but our intern were taken by them out into the darkness outside.

Our marry little gang went out to find a trail of his blood leading towards our assault destination, which is to say we went in to find that they had been using human flesh in whatever paste they gave out to the general populace. We went further up to investigate, we found cultists and another heretic creature. We killed them all, methodically though the heretic mechanical creature left a lot of mess. A little squad of the redeyes came, We rinsed and repeated. When the ‘enforcers’ of this place came to check on the ruckus, they were utterly destroyed, one had a staredown with Khorrl before he was hit twice in the head with one shot only one got away…

We looted and equipped what the emperor willed us to take.

Our search of the upper floors we found what we were looking for, our crazy intern surgically opened up, attached to some kind of machinery that would probably do something horrible to him if it hadn’t been for our fine marksmanship, I, Lelouche managed to more or less destroy what seemed like the main conspirator, I shot her corrupted body to pieces and before she escaped a servitor skull with mechanical feet attacked my foot, I got an open wound though it was barely what one could call a flesh wound, we contacted the people that set us upon the task in this place and he stitched up our friend and we got what we were promised from both the gangster and the employer.

The Mystery Of The Giant Warp Plant, Part 1
Demon plants are upon us!

After stopping the vile experiments of the wicked heretechs in the lower hives, the heroes of Red Steel waited several months without any new great adventure, barely making ends meet with the small jobs they could acquire.

They were also joined by a new member, who signed up as the new junior intern assistant: The former guardsman and heavy weapon expert Jethro “Stubber” Tull.

But suddenly one day, a mysterious note was passed under the door to the Red Steel Bastion!

The note bore the mark of their former employer, Hetiareia Lexis, but offered little information other than that there had been some strange happenings in the Executeria District, the center of many of the Hive’s temples, plantations and necropolises.

The mercenaries, hoping for a chance to win gold and glory, set out for the district, and arrived later that day, ready for anything. They encountered a hive district seemingly undisturbed, but after questioning the locals, they discovered that many had been receiving more money than usual. A quick visit to the employer of one of the workers they interviewed showed that he was not the source of his employees new wealth! The man, who was the owner of Plantation Alpha, said that he thought a band of nobles was paying the money to attract more people to the district for some nefarious purpose through the Templar Calixis agent Hermann Schöll. Additionally, they had been replacing several other plantation owners with their own goons, and switched production there from food to some other mysterious product.

The Red Steel split into two groups, one to visit the Templar Calix, and the other to infiltrate one of the plantations. However, as the Templar Calix refused to cooperate, yielding no information except a vague suspicion of secrecy, they regrouped near Plantation Beta, waiting for the nighttime. It was decided Mac and Khorrl would sneak in through the roof while the others created a distraction at the opposite side. Despite approaching the roof stealthily, they failed to notice the alarm systems, leading them to being attacked by several guard patrols and their cyber mastiffs. However, they made a daring escape combining athletic finesse and exceptional marksmanship, regrouping at their local hideout, The Necrotic Rose.

The next day the group awoke with a new plan dawning in their minds. They hired a local youth to attack one of the other plantations with grenades, while The Red Steel persuaded the techpriest running the local power station for Plantation Gamma to shut down the power. The mechanicum adept agreed, feeling that the locals had lost respect for the gifts of the Omnissiah. With the power down, and many guards rerouted to the attacked plantation, the heroes descended into the crypt under the target building.

As they descended the stairs and walked through the dark corridors, they noticed that the walls were covered in strange red flowers, similar to those they had glimpsed inside the plantations. Additionally, it seemed as if the veins was drawing nutrition from the bones of the dead. The noble Solomon Demeter, ever observant, took a closer look at the plant, but was almost transfixed by its mysterious allure, which called to him. But his iron will was not so easily conquered, and realizing its strange properties, he tried to cut a flower from it for sampling. But then something unexpected happened. The plant struck out at him, and its terrible poison filled his veins till he was struck unconscious.

Thankfully, Khorrl was quickly there to inject him with detox, quickly reviving him. Then a sample was more carefully extracted from the plant with longer reaching implements. But as soon as the flower was separated from the whole, it dried up into powder. Nevertheless, Solomon managed to catch it in a container.

As the heroes crept deeper into the crypt, the vegetation grew thicker until they closed the passage, growing through a bloated body, held suspended in the air. To prevent further contamination, Loothas used his powers to pull it out from the grasp of the veins, enabling them to bring it out of the crypt for a closer study as it contained enough plant material for it to remain alive.

After exiting the crypt, Khorrl thought it would be a good idea to use the grappling hook to drag the body. But as he jammed the hook in, the body burst with pollen, and a great growth grew forth from it, soon growing to the size of a room. A firebomb was thrown at it, killing it, but also releasing a psychic scream that sent three members of the group running in despair to the techpriest’s temple. As the plantation looked like it could burst at any time, releasing more warp plants, the rest threw a firebomb down the crypt to hopefully burn it all. However, this proved barely mildly effective as the fire could not reach down to the center and only the stairs was cleared.

Reaching the temple, they sought the techpriest’s aid and knowledge, but instead they were met with an Inquisitor and his retinue, who had heard of the local flora situation. The rest of the group arrived shortly, and they were all scanned by an intricate apparatus. It indicated to the Inquisitor that all the heroes where clean, except Solomon, who had been infected by the plant. He remained in the temple over night for further testing, while the rest of The Red Steel returned to The Necrotic Rose.

The next morning, the group was presented with the results. Solomon would live at most a week. To cure him, the seeds from the original plant would have to be found and brought to the techpriest. This could be found in the local district, but where inside the heroes did not know…

The Mystery Of The Giant Warp Plant, Part 2

Presented with the horrible news of Solomon‘s impending demise due to the wretched plant’s infection, Red Steel saw the need to pick up the pace of their investegation. Armed with the knowledge that the root of these heretical acts resided somewhere within the noblemen, Solomon suggested a confrontation with Reginald Rex.

They approached his room at The Necrotic Rose, seeking only a friendly conversation, but there was no answer as they knocked on his door. However, Loothas heard the faint cling of a grappling gun being loaded from the other side. Void of the option to let any valuable information escape from within their reach, Red Steel breached the door.

Entering his room, they could barely catch a glimpse of the man before he disappeared through the window, swinging across the street and into the ajacent building. Carefully avoiding a trip wire set in their path, Khorrl pursued using his own grapping gun, while Loothas ran down the outside wall, using vox communiqués from Khorrl in combination with his psychic powers to track the fleeing coward.

While diving down a stairwell, Reginald Rex managed to blind Khorrl with a photon flash, effectively incapacitating him. Luckily, Loothas managed to intercept him in one of the dim sub level corridors, using his telekinetical powers to slam a heavy door in his face, rendering him unconscious.

After regrouping, Rex was magnacled to prevent any more daring escape attempts, and the heroes started their interrogation of the disgusting coward. It was quicly established that the failed escape attempt was made because he thought his mother-in-law or a repo man had managed to track him down. Once made certain the heroes were either, he proved quite cooperative, reavealing what little knowledge he possessed.

Apparently, Content Not Found: lord-cibellius, tiring from the luxuries of his noble life, had renovated the Grand Theatre and aquired a new famous actress for a play that had proved an instant hit among the nobles. A few weeks later he had shut down many of the plantations. Pleased with the value of the revealed information, they allowed Rex to go free.

Red Steel decided to waste no time and immediately scout the Grand Theatre, discovering the whole place was overgrown with plants. Luckily, a check by Loothas revealed they had barely any warp presence, proving they were harmless. The heroes entered through the great unguarded main entrance and proceeded down towards the stage. There they felt a disconcerting chill, as the temperature dropped below zero and everything was covered by a thin unnerving layer of frost.

Peering behind the curtains, Solomon discovered the being of his nightmares. On the other side, at the center of the stage, was an overwhelmingly oversized version of the heretical plant, the stem being several meters thick. The sight of this great horror disgusted most of the Red Steel, except Khorrl and Loothas. Instead, their eyes gleamed as if mesmerized, and the plant’s corruption could be felt spreading through their minds and bodies as they started to worship it. Witnessing their heresy, Solomon acted quickly, stunning them with Old Shock, before restraining them and having Stubber escort them off the premesis.

With the solution to his problems within reach, Solomon used Khorrl‘s grappling gun and clip harness to ascend up to a walkway, before descending over the plant. He then used a sturdy shovel to extract a sample of it’s pollen. The plant, seemingly aware of the situation, tried to defend itself by lashing its thorny tentacles at him, but Solomon managed to retract quicly and avoid them.

While returning the sample to the Tech Priest’s Temple, Loothas was overcome by the urge to make the heretical warp plant complete again. Still magnacled, he used his brain powers to pull the container from Solomon’s hands, taking it and running off back to the theatre. Solomon quickly pursued, staying at his heels. But suddenly, the blanket that had clouded Loothas’ mind faded, and as he began to realize the wrongness of his actions, he slowed to a gentle halt, before being brutally tackled by Solomon and his shock maul.

Returning once again to the Temple, they had the Tech Priest analyze the sample. After a battery of tests, he enlightened Red Steel with grave news. The plant had a powerful connection to the warp, its corruption forged by a powerful warp entity in close proximity over an extended period of time. The only way of stopping it would be to destroy this heretical entity.

They returned to the theatre, content that the entity had to reside somewhere within. But as they reached it, they saw it was filled with nobles and their guards. Apparently, a show had started in the time they were gone. They tried to sneak in the scene workers’ back entrance, but had to give up after a few failed attempts, as it was apparent to the workers that they didn’t belong there and threatened to call the guards.

Realizing they needed a new strategy, Loothas ascended to the roof, finding a ladder to a service entrance high up on the wall. With the power of Khorrl’s grappling gun, they soon entered the door. It lead to a catwalk high above the rear of the scene, from which they could barely make out a beautiful Content Not Found: joya-tory on the stage, singing and dancing. The great plant however, was gone.

Following the catwalk around the edge of the building, they found a door leading to a long corridor reaching straight across the building. On the other side was an access to the upper gallery which was abandoned and overgrown with plants. However, at the center of the corridor was a door leading to a room above the stage with a good view of the whole audience. Deciding to wait until the theater was empty before continuing their investigation, they agreed on a watch schedule and rested. Meanwhile, the noise of impure ecstatic grunts could be heard as the nobles entered a great disgusting orgy, smoking parts of the heretical plants like some sort of drug.

Once the disgustful acts had stopped and everything had been cleaned up, Red Steel descended to the stage, before continuing down to the actors’ quarters. The temperature fell as they delved deeper beneath the stage, and they could hear the unnerving sound of female laughter as they reached a corridor. Scanning for life-forms, Loothas detected one man-sized entity further below, but none in any of the adjacent rooms.

Safe to proceed, they worked their way through the actors’ rooms one by one. First was the room of [[:bob-karsten:|Bob Karsten], small and plain, he had to be a minor and unimportant actor. Then came the room of Content Not Found: joya-tory. As Solomon opened the door and led them into the room, the laughter grew in strength, clinging with terror. Suddenly, they were attacked by vicious creatures from all angles. The creatures appeared like beautiful women, except corrupted with mutations, phasing in and out of existance.

A swift combination of Strata‘s chainsword and Solomon’s shotgun took out the first, but the rest lashed back and nearly chopped Strata’s leg off, leaving him immobilized. Khorrl threw poisoned knifes at them while jumping and rolling around like a madman, yielding nothing except having his gut cut open by the beasts, forcing him to hold on to his intestines. But Red Steel managed to hold on to their wits, slowly taking them out one by one, until Loothas, using his lasgun, evaporated the final creature that had jumped onto Solomon’s shock maul.

While badly wounded, Red Steel had come out victorious. But this was no time for rest, as they knew that more beasts could lurk around the next corner…

The Mystery Of The Giant Warp Plant, Part 3

!Note Dump – Please Elaborate!

Rekvisita Rom:
Heis, lik med planta

Kassa, kostyma, liten heis.

Joya Tory:
Trap door ned sjakt til korridor
Statisk luft, metalldør
Lots of old corridors that have been converted to a 10×10m hall
Ny metallplate som gulv
Pimp-hule. Sofa med for mange puter. Fancy tepper.
Torture racks. Rosa Lys. Strekkbenk.
Joya Tory skandaløst kledd på sofa.
Plant is drug
Templas don’t care about the district
Ansiktet “flickering”. Lys også. Blir kaldere.
Lost leg for leluge
Daring grapple escape by Khorrl

Tech Priest. Unhelpful.
Referred to the authorities.
Servo skulls licking his ass.

Grand Church of the Sacred Rose (Most excellent)
Privat vindu over med “sol” for å skape stemning.
Statue av living saints som svever over folk.
Høyttalere med prekener.
Relikvie som folk kysser.
St. Celestine. Ledet Crusade som re-eroblet store deler av imperiet. Tær er kysset bort.
District wide problem
Private to not pollute the common men’s minds.
Abbot Paulus.
Initiating puryfieng of theatre.
Hide on roof. Warp howl.

Plantation delta.
Guards. See plants

Plantation gamma.
Psyniscience connection is weak…

The Necrotic Rose
Reginald Rex is gone
Well deserved rest.
Tragic fire on the news

Khorrl seduces battle sister!

Warp plants still active
Khorrl begging for prostitutes

Ecclesiarchy Banking System
Emblem: Vekt med aquilla
Skranke med middelaldrende servitor
Loan: 1500 200/month 18 months
Tracker implanted?
Adeptus Repairomaticus
Lots of robotic arms. Big tank.

The Mystery Of The Giant Warp Plant, Part 4

!Note Dump – Please Elaborate!

Medical Interrigator Sands
Leder av Hetiareia Lexis
Vi har telefonnummer!
Blessing av våpen = WIN
Brukt hele natta på å skaffe våpen

Went to ruins, got hushed away.
Went down a mausoleum, through a service corridor.
Found room, cut a peephole.
Rendesvouz with Leluge

Went to temple, down to a dome. “little colusseum”.
Marble slabs, aquilla marble floor filled with sand.
Wooden swords, holy prayers along the blade. Purity seals.
Sound a great bell.
Battle between LP and Logen in seremonial sparring clothing.
Rosemalerivindu med aquilla.
Kardinal med vin og kylling.
Blessed weapons.

Back to room.
Big hole in north wall.
Glidende overgang fra metall til marmor (so wrong).
Vanligvis pga psykers som har reist på uvanlige måta.
Noble lik i kista langs veggen.
Enormt rom med fløyelsteppe.

The Mystery Of The Giant Warp Plant, Part 5

!Note Dump – Please Elaborate!


Inside estate of Lord Cibelliuous

Jaques 27th
Wants the Lord captured, bring him to hangar
Diamond as reward
Map beneth food tray

Doors of mahogny

Battle with daemonettes
Loothas instagib first
Loothas lost kneecap
Loothas got hammered
More widely spaced eyes (faith point burned)

Epic battle

Dude som stikk av. Lord Cibellious
Good looking. Naked. 50 years.
Life of luxury.
1600 in desk.

Pakke i posten fra HL 2000
10000 for diamant
Tebake i bunkers

Alle i docken har en “I” på brystet
Stappa han i bagasjerom
Dude som hjelpe å skaff inquisitorial equipment: Maximillian Faust

Heretech Revisited, Part 1

!Note Dump – Please Elaborate!

1 år fram i tid
Overskudd = income :D

Liten gutt på døra. Skremt.
Budbringer for Hetiareia Lexis.
Forseglet konvolutt med scroll og inquisitorial rosett.
Thought of the day: Idleness begets heresy.
Lang scroll, lite tekst.
The Chirurgeon (she) has been spotted.

Dread planet Dusk in far reache of Calixis
Scholastic lore (Legends) :D
“Haunted” death/feral world.
The veil is thinner.
Covered by swamps.
Alltid overkyet og duskregn.
Glow Slugs: Kjøttetende snegler som gløder når de kommer opp av vannet.
Settlements er ofte prøvd, men feiler nesten alltid.
Kun hver 13. bosetning greier seg mer enn ett år.
The chirurgeon is presumed to be there
Rogue Trader transport, trip will take several months.
Lightbringer, owned by Heldenhammer Dynasty.
Orian transport.
Leaves in two days.

Hercules size shuttle to orbital station/hangar
16km spir sneier nesten stasjonen
Skip har emblem av tohalet komet
Oransje og hvitt.
Makrokanon og torpedoer
Masse utstyr loades: Baneblade parts, leman russ
Luften er mye bedre “The air is sweet”

Kis i praktful uniform.
Over Deck Hand
Private quarters in middle deck, 137 block B
Blue color → bough
Ancient ship. Milennias.
Reclamated 30 years ago.
Solar sails: Better maneuvarability and speed.
Family moved here 20 years ago
60% voidborn
30 min til rom
Små hager i midten av gangene
Family living quarters.
Phone default number is to local “tech support”
NO problem being armed
Sprinkleranlegg: Warning fire hazard.

Luksuriøse lugarer
Dusj, varmtvann, 3 bad.
Startansk. Malt i hvitt og oransje.
Halucinogenbombs = NO

Gladiator pits
Around them: Plenty of relaxation
Clampion: Helmsman
Upper decks to the front
Ombyggd hangar bay
Vanligvis ulovlig med plasure, men ikke her.

Informasjonsskjermer over alt.
Planet vi kom fra: Blå og disig.
Space station: Defence lasers ++

Grand Tournament: Can win a belt
Last time: Released a beast from the ship.
Mutant from Bergen, rarely escape.
Few murders on the ship.
The betting begins as soon as the contestants are ready.
The top guys normally win, but the beast from bergen does not know.
LP avsløre at vi e fra med inquisition.

Nightmares about Dusk

TV på rommet: Progaganda
Crewet er en stor lykkelig familie
Officers er best
Leaders are gods!
Rank is important!

4 arbeidsskift
Relativt god mat, noen ganger med spor av ekte bacon.
Egne farms
Festivala for å raise morale.

Retur til rom:
Fin kis som banker på
Words har gotten to the leaders about inquisitorials onboard.
Offered place at Rogue Traders Table
Wear uniforms. Will provide suits and take care of looks.
Tailors overwhelm us.
Makes suits with inquisitorial marks on the chest in an hour.
Will come to escort us in a grand procession.
Apologises for the quarters, will provide better.

Etter dusje++
Kommer skokk av folk.
Røb løper. Polerer døra. TV crew. Roseblader.
Herald comes in. Takes names
Captain Commander Khorrl
Lord Overcommander Mac
Leutenant Leluge
Special Ops General Loothas

Palenquin med minibar. Terran cigars.
Orkester ved siden av. Imperial March.
Blir fraktet mot akter og opp til bridge.
Høyere offiserer. Burgunder vegg-til-vegg teppe.
Marmortrapp. Enorme dobbeldører.
30 langt bord i ballsal.
Lang rekke med tjenere.

5 litt høyere offiserer
Hive Marshal of the ?, Master of gunnery, Grand Archmilitant Quinn Lock (Bodyguard)
High Engine Seer, Envoy of the Omissiah, Socratec.
Master helmsman, Supreme steerer of the ship, ?
Morgan (Dud bak med championshipbelte)
The high ???, Second in command, Galius Heldenhammer (Scars and machine parts)
Sole Heir of Dynasty, Ophelia Heldenhammer (Jente 18 år)
Lord Captain, Commander of the ship, Sigmar Heldenhammer (48 år, lapp over venstre øye, xenos kappe, best quality sword, quilla handguard)

Sigmar: Take a seat!
Will see to better suites and accomodations.
More access. Stay out of Bergen.
Cannot disclose about mission. Mut uphold honor.
Get served the best wine. Catatine Malmsei.
Trade with planetary governors.
Something very bad on Dusk

Ved bordet:
Astropath: Høy og sykelig tynn.
Enorm kis på trone med bein. Bloated form. Valross Navigator Max Faust

Servants, get out!
“Disclosing info. Heretech.
High Engine Seer får fråde
Help? Signar will be there at most a week. Willing.
Will provide crew uniforms to be inconspicous.
Going to coronus expanse, passing Dusk.
Luxourious wares there: Poten expensive halusinogenics.
Can borrow ATV. Untested in a while.
Best Engineers will check it out.
Luftpute, belter, perfekt for dusk.
Bordet er overfyllt med mat (buffé).
Dessert Cake! WOOT!

Let the games begin! Drar til arenaen.
Nonlethal. Vanligvis uten våpen, men kaptein kan tillate.

Lelouge vs Maximilian the undying monster.
2×2m muskla, solbrilla, knekker fingre, flexer for å rive av seg dressen.
KO by glassgowkiss.

Khorrl vs Lillith Azazel, The Lightening Strike
Jente 1.40m 30kg
KO by kick to the balls.

Mac vs Benny “The Berzerker” Buxley
Fra Bergen. Middels stor. Masse skjegg. Fråde.
Har skrellet av fingertuppene for å få “klør”
Victory by incapacitating kick to the side!

Heretech Revisited, Part 2
What happens in Bergen stays in Bergen.

== Last time on the Darkest of Heresies ==

Endelig et nytt oppdrag => Dread Planet Dusk.
Loothas vet unaturlig mye om denne planeten. Har studert den siden han var liten.
Veil er unaturlig tynt der.
Har bestillt tur til Dusk med Orion Class Transport ship Ligthbringer.
Khorrl røpet at vi var fra inkvisisjonen, det er på alle skjermer.
Fikk møtt rogue-traderen, og avslørte motvillig planene.
På den gode siden: Deltakelse i arena som gikk heller dårlig.

== Now ==

Mac made it to the tournament semi-finals where he lost to Quinn Locke (Captains body guard).
Finishing blow: Punched in the face, face met adamantium wall.
Bandage-turban for mac! :D

Last battle: Helmsman vs bodyguard. Bodyguard wins!

Tatt inn til siderom. Lounge party!
Greeted by Herald. Given Burbun and canapes.
Can see battle from there.
Roguetrade somewhat impressed of some of us.
Request, as a token of gratitude for living quarters etc.:
Rival dyasty Attillas might have plantet spies on the ship.
They seem to know a bit too much about the situation, and are always one step ahead.
Please take care of them.
They know mostly about the technical part: Engines, weapons, etc.
Will be granted near-full access to the ship. Not the captains quarters or the vault.
Key: Take care of those that relay the sensitive information.
Encrypted messages that goes through the astropath.
Many higher officers have privileges to access astropath (ca 200).
Also others on the misison.
Can trust captain, his brother, bodyguard, astropath, engine seer, helmsman.
Do not care what methods we do.
“The inquisition is behind this mission”, not captain.
Recomend us to get some sleep.
Please have proof before killing and maiming.
Can be fully armed, but that might attract attention.
Astropath’s workstation is in the back of the ship, behind the helm.

Sleepy times! Escorted back to new quarters.
Superbly fine quarters over the engines, panorama diamond windows looking back.
Basicly a palace. Similar to the noble’s quarters in Cibellious.
For some reason it is possible to open the windows…
No vibrations or sound.
Mac and Khorrl loots the place (later)!

== Next Morning ==

Khorrl brings rifle, duck-tape, scanner.
Everyone goes to the astropath.
Gilded throne room. “Amphiteathre” filled with brains in jars.
The psychic force sings in Loothas’ brain.
Astropath Choir, lead by Master Lexis
No eyes, staff with aquilla.
Knows we are here for the informant and are from the inquisition.
Box with cigars on the table. He picks it up and eats it.
He does not know as much as he would like.
Believe that the informant has been mindscrubbed, and thus has no knowledge of the events.
Minscrubbed people are usually demented, disturbed and have strange flashbacks.
Some might have shivering, rapid eye movement, etc..
Astropath is the only means of communication on the ship. Messages are encrypted.
The encryption is a sort of mind barrier.
How does is work? <hour />
Astropath has heard that the source is most likely from the engineering department.
30-40 from that department that sends messages.

== Engineering Department ==

Let’s approach the scaries guy!
Dude without legs with tentacles.
Binary Chatter with someone besides him.
Upon coming close, a tentacle begins to scan them.
15 minutes later, the other tech-priest drives away (he has triangle tracks).
He turnes to us.
Engine problems, can’t enter warp for the last 13.3 hours.
Any too unlogical
Have taken on alot of new crew after the last battle, theese might be the source.
Given list: Geir, Bjarne, Thorleif, Kåre, +6.
Many from the Lathe forge world: They wear blue cloaks.
Tech-pries hooks up to the wall, and acts as a hub for information?

Asking dude in jeans and bukseseler, caps and wrench. Unshaved, tripplechin, “spaceshiptema” on his back.
Points to Geir: He’s been workin in the front with recycling. Down in front with the fixings for the lance cannons.

== A Few Hours Later ==

We reach an area with alot of moisture, alot of sluggish fluid in the “floor”.
Great “vault door” with view slot.
People everywhere! Also huge life form almost like tapestry on the other side.
Khorrl opens the door.
Warm air that stinks of decomposition.
Ankle high level of gushy water that flows out. Obviously a leak somewhere.
Read blinking warning light.
Ladder up/down in the middle.
To the right: Grown to the wall is a person stuck to a pipe, seemingly grown around it.
He holds a hand out towards ut and mumbles.
Khorrl finishes him, but the mouth at his chest continues to grumble.
A push-to-speak-thing on the wall. Stub tries it, but there is only noise.
The big lifeform is in another room.

We re-arm and return.
Khorrl asks around first.
Apparently no-one has heard of this “Geir”.
Fixments for lance cannons are a few decks down from bergen.

The person grown to the pipe greets us with grumbling.
Chainsword to the face! Blood, gore, goo and spores everywhere!.
Bing! The big thing is ahead and down.
Khorrl goes down the ladder!
Deep water/goo. NOWAY!

Door to the right!
Khorrl opens the steel door.
Office/workroom. Compost pile in the corner. An arm sticks out.
Ventilation shaft that looks pretty clean.
Korrl discovers tracks to the desk (which has an auto cannon and data slate), and up the ventilation shaft.
He presses The holy rune of awakening (power button), and the slate powers up.
It shows a list of things needed in the area (written by janitor)
The list gets longer and longer for each day. In the pocket is goes!

Khorrl removes the armor and goes up the shaft.
The shaft turns up (~3m). It has grooves to allow climbing.
Junction: Fan above, canals in 3 directions.
Tracks continue to the right.
The tracks spread to different canals, but ahead is most used.
~3m ahead, passing over a filter room.
Hears sounds from ahead and behind (two corridors to the sides).
Calls in Lelouge.
Suddely, a bat-like beast with a great mouth with many poninty teeth appears. It attaches itself to his head.
Lascutter (ish, pocket-edition for this encounter) to it’s (and his own) face!
Hand flamer to it’s face! Ouch!
Khorrl burns his face. His hair goes up in flames, as he screams and lapses unconscious.
The smell of fried chicken. Yummy!
Loothas begins to undon his armor to save Khorrl, but Khorrl plunges down through the shaft and passes out once again.
Loothas forces all his wounds to knit together.

Back into the gushy-room.
The pipe-dude is slowly growing back.

== To The Medical Bay ==

Random dude: “You need to be taken to the decontamination rooms”

Super sterile, super clean doctor room.
Red laser that scans us every 10 minutes.
Doctor in hazmat suit.
He says Khorrl looks fine.
We all need to be decontaminated.

After a while Khorrl wakes up.
He gets a frantic need to continuously pray to the Holy Emperor (For 9 hours).

“Please step into the decontamitation area”
Our path is cleared by a team with flamers.
Bacterial-killing gass. Hurts the eyes like hell.
Acid bath. No more hair for us :(
Blow dryed by enormous fans.
Given bath robes! :D

Sendt to a lounge, given canapés and other noms.
The gear is still in decontamination.
Fireplace with wood.
Mac suggest giving the list to the captain, and start interrogating/eliminating all of them.
How can we be sure it’s one of those on the list?
Khorrl: EMPEROR!!!!!!! SAVE ME!!! DELIVER ME!!!!
We are given the stummer to silence Khorrl.

We ring the bell to call a servant.
He informs us all the gear has been decontaminated as in destroyed.
He gets tailors to give us some new clothes.

== Return To The Rogue Trader ==

Approx 5 hours later, dinner time.
We are stoppet outside by his guards. They can’t let us in with Khorrl.
Stub deposit him back in his quarters.
We request a meeting, and are shown to an office.
Sigmar and Quinn Locke comes in. “We were stupid to enter bergen…”
We tell him about, well, nearly everything.
“Gear plz?”
It is doable, but it will take some time.
For the time being, we get some standard gear.
We follow the watch captain to the nearest guard armory.

Guard Flak Armor
Combat Shotguns
Hand Cannon
Photon Flash Grenades

Khorrl is still praying… naked too.

300 xp

The bloodied journal page 1.

Idleness begets herasy, my prayers had finally been heard.
A boy came to our door scared as if the emperor were breathing down his spine.
But it was just the sight of our little friend stubber’s iron sight that scared him.
Hetaria Lexis needed our able hands and silent tounges yet again.

From the lightning and the tempest, Emperor delivers us.
Was what I thought as I read where our task would be.
Dusk, the legend I knew to be true was our target, the tech heretic, BY THE EMPEROR’S WILL WE SHALL SMITE HER, had been discovered on this planet.

I heard Zarldar curse, even though I have been hearing a lot of what he have read and heard about this planet he started rambling about what he knew, the amount of numbers this man know, and with his wheesy voice, sickly as it was, kinda scary listening too.

Our friend Zarldar have been reading up on the legends surrounding this planet and he says that this is one of the planets the emperor is punishing.
By making the Veil thinner a supposed haunted ‘death’ world. I’m eager to see what that entails. I’ve lived most my life on a feral world and I’ll probably like the change from all these hub-worlds I’ve been living in the hope that we could go to a feral world, would be a good way to harden our little mercenary force to become as hard as we need to be in this void created by the chaos of the emperors omnipresent mind.

There is a reason for everything and everyone that we encounter and the blood that we spill in this sector of the universe. Solomon were scouted out for a one man mission, due to his qualifications and his mind for matters as an arbitrator before we accepted this mission.

I left a message with the local authorities and said to send it to Solomon but I’m not sure if they will pass it on to Solomon if he gets back: "If you get this, we’re on dusk in the Calixis sector. On a mission for our former employer, we’ll go in a couple of days so.
Emperors protects those that do his bidding.

Emperors blessings,

Lelouche Strata."

And the emperor protects, with his mind he protects us all…

-The first page of this book is dotted with blood, and the handwriting is thin and precise yet rigid and it seems like a quarter of it has been bitten away by something fierce

Heretech Revisited, Part 4
Let the interrogation commence

10 guards around each.

“Gary Jones” did not follow Knorrls orders.
Upon threathened to be reported, he removed his name tag and called a replacement.

Khorrl identifies unknown poisons:
3x Morphia 5 – 1. Incapacitate, 2. Kill
3x Still unknown
1x Still unknown

Khorrl goes to BioEngineering (So long suckers, vamoose suckers)
30m long great hall
Rød løper, altar with moving cog
Servitor skulls svirling around
Techpries behind the alter, fully mechanic, 3 eyes, mechanical drill-like jaw, blue robes, octopus arms with scalpels++

Khorrl: “I request your aid. I have heard great things about you”
Techpriest: “Blessing on your lower right body”
Techpries calls him weak.(Since Khorrl said the flesh is weak)
Asks for implant for 2000, 2500, 3000 thrones donation.
Techpriest begins to leave.
“There might be one thing: You can aid our research.” (Surprise/Secret)
Khorrl accepts and get caried away like som piece of furniture.
Guards waits outside.

Lelouche goes to the quartermaster.
“Plexiglass” of pure diamond, that he sits behind.
Queue that takes a few hours to approach the desk.
Lazy dude with curly hair, mutton chops behind the desk. “Nobody tells me nothing”
Shows him the inquision mark on his suid. “I’m the queen of ancient england”
Shows him the insignia. “Huh, look at that”
Needs to fill out a contract: Can’t use the gear on the ship without authorization from an officer.
Needs to state mission.
“Not at liberty”, “Can’t grant weapons”
Lelouche activates his “glorie”
“What is this sorcery?”
He takes out an auspex and looks to scan for gasses.
Lelouche blabbles “…inquisition…we’re awesome…” (Not how I remember it)
“I have my orders”

The door rings. Mac brings his guns.
A 14 year old messenger on the door. Looks to be from the bridge.
Big solid mahogny door.
Messenger Harold informs that the interrogation room is ready.
Hands over the scroll. Heldenhammer Dynasty insignia.
They will only be there for about 4 hours.
Location: aorstuhafwtharlhstyuarh left left left right right aorystunaf up down up down up down ourstn.
Got map? Sure, take this holographic coin map.
Made of gold and emeralds that smell of wealth.

Mac vox’es to the rest.
“Return to base”
No response from Khorrl (That damn motherfucking monkey with a fat drunken ass)

Lars Petter step in: Sean Bean (Jack O’Neill)
Has family on the ship
Squad leader
Guard for Benjamin

Lelouche calls squad leader, and tells him that the quarter master does not give in.
“Quarter master is higher ranking. We are only here for your protection”
Lelouche says “This will continue…” and leaves

Lelouche and Loothas meets at the door.
About 30 mins has passed

“Gnards, give us some privacy!”
Mac shows the scroll and says “Read this”
Waits for Khorrl for up to 30 mins.

Decide to take 6 guards, and a strike team nearby.
Guards: Sean Bean, Geir, Frode, Per Askeladd, Goggen Roy “The Boy-Toy”, Kaab “Cab”
Strike team: John, Bob, Martin, Kate, Roger

Huge door with vault mechanism into the orthogonal corridor with techpriest.
A few of the bluecloaks has been captured and placed in separate rooms.
Looks like old storage rooms that has been cleared out.
Tracks along the floor.
Guards readies combat shotgun.
Per Askeladd and Goggen Roy goes first.

Enters the first door.
They clear the room. Mac says “Thats not good enough. Are you sure he is not a threat?”. Two shots are fired.
A broken a techpriest sits there on a chair.
Some arguing follows.
“To be clear, sir, i had a clear shot”
“I’m sure he would have resisted arrest anyway”
They search the techpriest, and find a bunch of strange tech stuff (spare parts, weird cogs).
Don’t kill the next time…

Next room:
“Clear!” “Clear!” “Clear!”
No shots fired, the techpriest is alive.
“Matrix” on a screen with blue text. Heart monitor.
Appears to be turned off.
Code on his chest: Techpriest 977
German accent.
Shit talk back and forth.

Start questioning #1:
What do you know about the warp drive malfunctioning?
“The core compactor of the subdrives … 23c har a particle overacceleration…”
“That problem can almost only be manmade”
It must have been a techpriest, right?
This could not possibly be done by the techpriest that has worked here for long.
“So he have screened 10000 workers and know everyone is loyal?”
No, but it is more likely that the newly arrived are the cause, therefore you bluecloaks are suspicious, and it has never happened before.
“I seem to remember it has happened before”
But it is quite rare?
“I would not say it is very rare on this ship”

Sean Bean: Can i have a word outside?
The techpries shows a smile.
First: Make him talk
Second: Ask the others the same questions and cross-reference

“Did your little morale talk get you into shape?”
We narrowed it down to you bluecloaks.
“How did you narrow it down to us?”
Do you know geir?
Do you have any workers under your command at the warp-drive?
So you do not deny you have the capabilities to execute the sabotage?
“Any techpriest worth his oil will be able to do some sabotage, but i will not tamper with the spirit of this ship.”
Rival Dynasty: Atillas?
He personally would like the warp-drive to function.

Have you seen some suspicious people around the warp-drive?
“Yes, some grease-monkeys. A red-cloak that has worked with some of bluecloaks in heatvent corridor 6B.”
Lelouche remembers this guy
Shows the drawing: “Do you recognize this one?”
“That is number 637 with the redcloak”
“The redcloak is the supervisor of the bluecloaks at that spot”
Why is he suspicious?
“He is leading the bluecloaks to where they are”

Have these problems happened before?
Have you seen something suspicious?
What do you think of this redcloak?

Techpriest #3: 837 “Parthus”
Big fat one.
Sits there with some lunch and some coffee.
“Come in, just finishing up my lunch”
Have you heard about the sabotage?
“Yes, we should have been in warp several days ago”
Seen anything suspicious?
“Not really”
Shows him the photo
“Not really” Points to the bluecloak. “Think we’re in the same district on Lathe”
Who do you think could be behind this sabotage?
“I do not know, and do not like to make assumptions. Ever heard of a guessing techpriest”
What do you think would be required for this sabotage?
“Some form to hide who it was, probably not someone from that spot directly, and a scape goat, and have something to do with that spot, a reason, worst kind of tech heresy”
“The person should have been shot on the spot and made into a servitor that would fix it”
Redcloak supervisors?
“I guess … fickle emotions of trust….logic should drive people…”
Why would someone sabotage?
“Slow down the ship. Bribes or orders”
Do you think it is a techpriest?
“Requires the intelligence of one, but no decent techpriest would”

Techpriest 4#: 666
Looks like a robot, almost no flesh. Only a cloak for clothing.
Sits still. 4 arms. Skull of metal. Stares at the wall. Green eyes, black metal.
Do you know why you’re here?
“To give information about the sabotage”


Where do you work?
“Corridor 16 b”
What is the distance from your workplace to the sabotage?
“320m walking, 200m radius”
Where was the sabotage?
“Heatventcorridor 6b” (Where we met geir)
What would be required to do this sabotage?
“Knowledge of thermomechanics of plasma … strong nuclear force”
Who are your superiors?
Do you know <earlier>?
How do you know him?
“I know 977 from refueling station”
Motives of the saboteur?
Logical reasons?
How does he usually supervise you?
“Access Denied”
“Access Denied”
“Access Denied”
“Access Denied”
Shuts off

We get 837, and bring him to 666.
“I think i can tease him out”
Connect a “usb” on his finger. Things happen on the screen.
29 mins later…
837 starts to sweat, 666 boots up.
Why did you shut down?
Why would he do such a thing?
“I would guess he has information he won’t let out”

He obvously knows something suspicious about the redcloak.
Let’s talk to the super engine seer prime.
Mac tries to contact Khorrl, but the beurocracy is against him…

Techpriest #5: 1338
Almost human, only a rebreather.
Looks to be bored. 23 years.
Do you know why you’re here?
“Something about the sabotage”
What do you know about the sabotage?
“Dont recognize any”
Where do you work?
“Exhaust ven 63C, 15 minutes walk away.”
Who do you think did it?
“I don’t know”
“I was upgraded from a wrenchmonkey 6 months ago”
His supervisor’s number is pi, but he only remembers the first 48 digits.
Why sabotage?
“Probably slow it down”
Sabotage before?
“Not in the 2 months i’ve been here”
His dad’s name is Bob
How does your supervisor supervise?
“Drags us from our living quarter at 6am, looking over our shoulder, and always nagging and correction us. Stern but fair.”

A bunch of redcloaks arrives
The over-redcloak with one augmentet eye approaches (Number One)
“You requested assistance?”
“Parthas (837), stand aside”
“I will keep him awake and alive”
Connects with a “baby snake” wire from his neck.
10 mins later…
666 powers up

Why did you power down?
“Power failure”
One tries to extract info, but failes. “Try to keep him occupied”
How does he usually supervise you?
“He comes once a week and gives me instruction”
What instructions?
“Things that i know is not allowed on the ship”
What do these instructions imply for the warp-engine?
“It would be unwise to use the drives, and show on the main board”
Who is your supervisor?
“Number Two”

Number one pulls out the cable
“We can fry his systems now”
“We will make sure he will not meet the Omnissiah”

Number one recomends to not talk to any techpriest connected to the uplink
This section is “radio-silent”

350 xp


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