Red Steel's wall of Heroes

Red Steel’s wall of Heroes

Here is the list of brave souls that have fought and died in service of the Red Steel. These men and women have fulfilled their duty and lost their lives doing it. They will all be remembered and their sacrifice will not be in vain.

Jethro “Stubber” Tull***

Born: Unknown

Died: 932.M41.

Promoted to Sargent of the Red Steel upon his demise.

Final words: “I am going to bed”

Words of remembrance:

“He will always be remembered as a brave soldier. A companion one could trust without a doubt and a man of honor. Some may have seen him as a man of simple principles but nevertheless, one should look long after a man as good as Jethro. But Jethro will fight with us no more for he is with the Emperor now, watching over us. We will cherish his memory in our hearts as we move on to fight in his stead against the enemies of the Imperium. May you forever rest in peace and serve the Emperor even in death.

He will be given the blessing of the Primarch Leman Russ for his Heroic deeds in life:

“Caesar, ut in aeternum Gloriam!”

Zarldar Loothas***

Born: 897.M41.

Died: 932.M41.

Retained his rank as General of special operations

Final words: “Oh fuck!”

Words of remembrance:

“Zarldar Lothas was a man unlike any other. He was feared by some and shun upon by others, but the Red Steel took him inn like one of their own. His psychic abilities helped us an untold number of times and his knowledge aided our investigations immensely. More than one time have we felt the touch of death embrace us only for Lothas to bring us back up again. And for that alone is the Red Steel forever in your debt. But it is not only these superficial things we shall remember, for he was also a friend, a comrade and a true servant of the Emperor. Your loss is a heavy one, but your spirit will accompany us in our quest for vengeance. We will always remember you and may your eyes be as far apart in death as they were in life."

He will be given the blessing of the Primarch Lion El`Jonson for his brave fight against all ods:

“Unum tantum servire mortis”

Red Steel's wall of Heroes

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