The Darkest of Heresies

The emperor laments.

The emperor protects those in need.

That I’ve believed my entire life.
What kind of twisted fate would have dreamed up the answer that my prayers wrought?

Did Zarldar Luthas or Jethro Tull ever do anything to make the emperor turn his blind eye to them?

Or maybe, he turned a blind eye because of me?
Haven’t I satisfied the path he have made me walk?
Is that the truth of it?

If so, what kind of changes do I have to make for him to be satisfied with what I do again?

I’ve shied away from what I percieve to be power for a long time, because I know what power might bring out in people. Though that corruption I would be protected from because I know of it and oppose it whenever I can.

I know only the destruction of not being the one who calls the shots might bring and I know what I have to do to perhaps reallign my feet with the path I was supposed to tread.

But I’m scared that if I fail seeing the emperors path for me ahead, I might kill my brothers in arms.

But for the emperor I have to bear through the pain and force my feelings myself to become more in charge of myself than I was before.

I hope Solomon comes back soon, I remember that his decisions usually were swift and smart. I were never a very swift decisionmaker but I have to be swift or delegate tasks to others that I think might know their ways through whatever situation our feet take us too.

We live in peace and in the emperors grace even though he has taken a couple of our beloved comrades, and one ran away from his troubles.
I had actually hoped to help Red on his way to righteousness.
We have resupplied ourselves with new members, I will take better care of them and be more decisive about what to do from now.
Even though our health insurance and the clever boredome of our dearest parthas actually made the faction that our two assassins wanted to create possible the target of that expansion shouldn’t be the same.

If anything is left of an opinion on that man, Red, it is still that he was clever in most of his doings. He didn’t have a clue about anything else than his mad conquest of a rise to power but he did achieve one thing, he put effort in to point us in the right direction. Even though the last missions we’ve endured much he wanted more power. I think that is the best way to achieve what I want with my life.

Red Steel have to become more powerfull because I want to protect everyone and I want to help people who needs it.

I have to try to keep our focus in the right direction, I have to keep our assets together and I have to make Macrian and Solomon understand why I need us to rise from the merrygo mercenary-gang to a chapter to be reckoned with.

The emperor have spoken to me in my dreams tonight, he said to me, as if he were whispering it into his lovers ear: “Be vigilant, stay steadfast, love your brothers and sisters and trust your friends”

I will live by those words, my love for him, the allfather, will never waver.

I have to become a true adepta sororitas, that is my goal though I might want to do so when I’ve got my feet better planted in the shoes that Parthas made for me.
They were perfect fits as well, that man knows a little too well my body’s size because every garment in my closed seems to fit like a glove. Might be the materials or some kind of tech that he haven’t revealed that he were the master of…
He needs to be rewarded, even though he needs no reward but see the chapterhouse he built in good use, I will make that my goal as well.

His boredome have opened a lot of paths that leads to security and good things to come. I do think I know the path my emperor created for me.

I just have to clarify this though, I didn’t ever and won’t ever underappreciate the factors that built the bridges and the roads I have to walk. Those were buildt by my comrades and at this moment in time we have resources and we have room to grow, exponentionally. And that is paramount for what I hope to one day create.

Through the last mission I think I know that finding my station isn’t allways the right thing to do. In my place as a possible candidate as the leader of Red Steel I think that I have to mature from the girl who forever follows, and forever helps.
To a woman worth following and worthy of the following, if I ever am to lead anything I have to become that.

Change is hard, even for the most devout and most flexible person.

“As we move around, we are chesspieces of his large ploy to secure humanitys rise…”

The emperor’s daughter,
Lelouche Strata.

The Joyous Choir, Part 1
Nobles are a strange breed

Interrogation time!
Khorrl shock one’s balls, he cries like a baby
“They had one field medic”
Khorrl asks which one is most popular
Bob Karsten, the sort of boss
One is called Geir
“Are you going to shoot us or what?”
Not yet
He charms one

We stow them in a corner with a stummer
Khorrl suggests we buy their gang
Solomon points out we need more money
Want to offer better pay and, poor quality cybernetics
Go in with smoke grenades, bad tech spirit, take them down, “persuade” the leader
Khorrl tells Solomon to find out stuff about their leader

Solomon interrogates again
We call him “The Big Boss”
He’s a defected arbites maybe
Very discrete and secretive
Lieutenant called scarface from “Land under”, big floating hive going down into the toxic green seas, myth about mechanized shark
Relies on two dudes, 4 liutenants, they’re afraid of him

Who ordeder the attack on us? Scarface
He probably lives in the fortress, but goes to pubs

We need to find scarface
He can provide more information

Message ticks in on our data slates during the night
Leluge notices it, but goes back to sleep
Inquisitor Victor Magnus requests our precence on Verdent Glory in orbit

What do we do with the prisoners?
Khorrl: I have a cunning plan
Discussion about what to do with them
Kill some, release the rest?

We release them all
Tell scarface to stay away from our turf!
Give them two holo-tokens

Let’s go to the Verdant Glory!
Goes to space port
Dude halts us from taking space shuttle “We need no strangers”
Get him to call the captain
“Yes, yes, no, no, yes, no, sure, next shuttle, …”
We’re onboard

Heavy armor, plow
Huge cannon along the underside

We get escorted to a study in the front of the ship
Lots of books and candles
Victor Magnus with super fancy bolt pistol looks through maps
“Welcome! I’ve gotten recomendations about you guys.”
Adeptus Astra Telepatica has some disturbing reports about Scintilla over the last years
The tides of psykers are lower that normal, which is a big deal for the capital of the sector
Investegation has found some small stuff
Seem like potential psykers are going missing, reports from the upper hives
The candidates have one thing in common, a small ok cult, it supports the imperial creed
It says everyone should be happy or some such nonsence
Here is a poster
Located in the hive you came from
The way they make certain someone is true, is through some harmony meters
A friend (important in this investigation) has gotten a hold of one
Noble, missing niese, wouldn’t contact me for small stuff
Shows the device
Two antennas with lightning between
Hologram of it’s internals
Scanner that looks for energy patterns in the body
Beeps when pointed towards Loothas
All the money going to the cult is clean

I need you to go to hive cibellious and check out The Joyous Choir
Lorent and his daughter julia (house stropes) can take you in …
Get into the inner circle of the nobles
I’ve set up some shielded accounts you can use
Do not expose yourselves unless absolutely needed
They can scrap the entire operation and disappear
Be careful, on scintilla curruption is a way of life
Do not destroy the cult, just find out whats going on and deal with the heresy
(Dancing was a joke)
Contact me as often as you want, but i might not get back for a couple of days
I’ll also give you new false identities, basic equipment for undercover work
Nobles does not use vox, but their bodyguards might

We fly down to hive cibellous, lit by the dusk behind
We dock above the cloud layer
Cold outside
Young girl infront of us, has lots of coats
Khorrl walks out, she gives him a hug, “Aw, cusin!”
Mac walks out, she gives him a hug, “Aw, cusin!”
To leluge: “Aw, holy person”
Gives everyone a cloak (to hide the clothes)
Let’s talk inside, it’s a bit drafty out here

Leads ut through giant corridors with engraved saints on the walls, gold, jewels
Round hall with a tree in the middle, 30m high, nobles with entourages
We notice we get observed
Fancy door, blue thing pierced by a red dagger
Waves her hand and the door opens

Let’s try that again
I’m julia stropes
Big living room
Elderly person with arms out looking happy to see us, she throws the cloak at him
This is my great ungle Thalus, we honor our dead by keeping them among us
Make yourselves at home
I’ll bring father and we’ll have a proper introduction

Lots of fine furniture
Statue that appears to be made by light

Middle aged guy, powerfully build dude comes in
Left arm is adamantium cybernetic, right eye is tech
Obvious military background, casual suit/uniform
Deep voice
Introduces himselft as Lorens Stropes
Niese has gone missing. She was apparently much better than julia
Met the Joyous Choire last year, felt she was becoming true
Suddenly missing, noone knew anything
Old associate investigated, found one of the meters
House of Stropes is at your disposal
Friends in the cult not missing
We need to make you noble-like
Mac and Khorrl fit
Rest will be bodyguards or servants
Have cleared the western wing of the house for you
Minimal weaponry are excepted, unpowered weapons, of fine quality
(Most bodyguards wear flak, heavier shows off you’re scared)
Impressed by the Newbells
All weapons require registration by tissue samples
Remember that nobles can not go where servants go

We leave most weapons
Khorrl hides one choke and one toxin in his leg

Julia: Upcoming party, Joyous Choir members will be there
I must get you into the proper attires
She wants to stripe Stubs hair and give him a manicure and a sunbath +
Often theatrics during parties
Nobles find a middle hiver and make him the lead role for a famous play
They often give him some drugs to lighten the mood
Their families are compensated
Many nobles in the play aswell, often drugged
Prodigal dude comes up with the plays months in advance
Rarely acrobatics, those are for circuses and other suboptimal entertainment
We like hard to understand and sudtle jokes
Some formalities:
The gravest insult is to make fun of the honor of their ancentry or authenticity of their posessions and collections
If so:
A duel would be proper.
To first blood drawn.
Hard to determine a winner in a verbal duel.
Can make a bodyguard duel instead
Weapon chosen by the challengee
Most faught by sword

BTW, servants does not speak unless spoken to
We have told people you are from Fennex world
Fennex world is seen as a “feral” world by the nobles, they don’t know much about it

Lorens comes back in
The investigator was Vorlin Orday, bounty hunter
Can arrange a meeting tomorrow, he is leaving
Advise us to not walk around without a guide, easy to get lost
Gives us data slates and loads up maps
Picture of Scia Stropes (abductee) (few week ago) 16 years

All noble clothes will be etherweave
Bodyguards can have highly polished best quality flak armor
What will be your name, mister Red?
Caldor Castus 3rd
I suggest we does not use Newbell
Barbados Nixios

Night is approaching

200 xp

Next time:
Training montage!

Dusk Report: The trip there.

The information in this report is for inquisitorial and red steel eyes only. If you are not of either of these factions but a beneficial of the factions that they trust most of the information will be redacted, if there is information that is vital to you, you will get it in the edited report.

There were a couple intrigues that I will go into length to describe in other chapters subsequent to this summary.

Our lives for the emperor.

We embarked on this path that the emperor had laid bare for us to walk.
Hetaria lexis gave us subtle hints through a scroll delivered on our doorstep by a scared messenger boy. We accepted that it was truly Hetaria Lexxis that had sent the messenger after some scrutiny of the paperwork.

We were to embark on the heldenhammer dynasty vessel Lightbringer.
So we did, we bought some necessities like survival kits, ammo, armors. We found most of what we wanted to find, and we got on to our mission.

We boarded the lightbringer, though it took some time before we got to our target destination. Somehow the crew got the knowledge that we were a part of the inquisition into their minds so suddenly we got invitations to dine with the rouge trader that owned the Lightbringer.
We got scouted out for a mission to eradicate some spies that held us back from the heratics we persued.
The entire vessel got to know us somehow better, some titles were created within the faction that day, that would probably even be suitable for a proper noble.

We compiled a list of plausibles after a visit to the astropath.

We went to the engineering bay to find some tech priests that was on the compiled list.
We scouted out a place we’ve gotten some info from someone who seemed like had reliable enough though this individual to our desolation seemed to be feeding us information to go to Bergen, which is what they call a mutated something that recycles everything they have, we got out of there pretty fast when one of our comrades got badly hurt by something lurking in the ventilation shafts that we found tracks going towards.

Everything we had with us in there got confiscated melted, and thrown away as it had been tainted by whatever mutated creep that had been festering in ‘bergen’.
We got a complementary acidic gassing and shower because of this trip.
As we got out of the gas chambers we got new clothes and some gear, sub par to what we had before though it functioned as was proper.

Someone got into our suite as we were going to sleep, but two of our comrades managed to subdue the individual using bullets.
[Redacted information, see file h5 for your share when it comes to the reports I finally got from Red and Mac]

We managed to get some information from a tech-savvied techpriest that had a mental block that eventually after asking pointy questions shut down, we had him somewhat rebooted once more but he shut down quite soon after the reboot, we got ‘number one’ down to help us extract the data and we managed to reveal that the culprit number two.

Our wills made the traps that this ‘number two’ laid down for us to stroll into bend to our will. A bomb was placed on a plasma drainage pipe and the room was attempted sealed by servitor skulls while some gas started to form at our basis, but our reliable Stubber disarmed the bomb and then we just destroyed the servitor sculls that were left. There were turrets that we had to destroy, and so we did via Luuthas distracting them while our great assassin Macrian utterly destroyed them with his great aim.

We got to the chamber where ‘number two’ had sealed himself into and he opened the hangar bay doors. Our will supplanted this heretics plans, as I held on to my friends and the guards we had brought with us, some of them sacrificed to the void, I’m sorry to report. But Luuthas were fast in his actions, helping us with the task of getting on mag-booted-voidsuits he made it so that it was easier for us to kill the tech-priest that were trying to delay the trip to dusk…

Our task for the rouge trader was done but our fellowship had suffered a slight loss in Bergen, because what goes to Bergen, usually stays there, and festers, luckily no casualties throughout that task to our esteemed faction.

Rest in the embrace of the emperor, for everything sways in circles around our emperor.


We drive for 2 weeks, reach asphalt
He takes a piece of to use as a charm
Stub and Loothas was mumified for a while
Drive past small towns, mostly empty, 5% are populated

One week later (on road)
Running out of gas
Big black wall. 50m high. Shines. Plasteel
Towers here and there, turret emplacements
Huge pentagrams on each wall piece
Booming voice: HALT! You will now be tested!
Throws stuff at our heads
<sluse>. Lots of servitors, branded with pentagrams
“Stay in the vehicle!”. They fire up the car
“You have been cleared”. Port opens.
Seems like the planetary capital.
Looks like industry area, about the size of midtbyen (plus some of the fjord)
Lots of trains arriving through other docs.
Spaceport in the middle
Planned rendesvouz is still 6 months away
We get an apartment!
Ok- life
People sharpen the psykana mercy-blade every half hour

We take off to an ugly space boat
It has rusted (in vacuum)
As we fly ut we hear alarms, AA batteries, monster that hunts the ship, half-transparent dragons
3 of the transport ships are ripped to pieces
2 months of warp travel to scintilla
feels like several years in the warp
Lelouche does everyone [NO, THIS IS FALSEHOODS! Was a joke, didn’t seem like everyone heard that I (the player) said it was]
Child looks like a greater demon of tzeentch

The magnificent spire of hive cibellious
Calixis sector high command, shaped like a golden rose
Land in cargo hangar
Met by a delegation of Inquisitorial dudes, and solomon.
Hands over the report, and a container with da stuff

We drive back to the “oppression fortress”
Meet up with our local inquisitoral stuff provides
Khorrl wants to expand the red steel faction
Stub now has the rank of intern
Khorrl asks parthas to look into holograms
He want us to kill sanctioned targets

We turn on kill FM
Lower Noble pissed of a higher noble, accused of heresy, 1000 thrones

The door knocks
5 fully armored inquisitorial dudes with a chest on a grav pratform
They drop the chest and leave
A small letter
30k transfered to your inquisitorial account
10k to common account, 4k each (excluding solomon)
16800 in common now

We kill the dude using sleeping poisons and storming in
Leave our badge, take a blood sample and his ear
Reason was apparently a slight insult at a party. 1000 thrones

Khorrl and Solomon goes to Officio Administratum

Enforcers sceptical to why Solomon is trying to procure an autocannon
“You’re coming with us!”
Kristoffer rolls 01
Extreme discussions, confused

“We will contact you again”

Shopping time
Mac find a storage door opening nearby at the same time
Shady dude behind a counter. A pile of weapons behind him
Mac buys autocannon for 2k
New eyes for Stub: 15300 in common

Some time later:
We are getting known
A truck crashes in the gate
Peppers with ~50 caliber rounds
5 smoke grenades
We kill 2, capture 4
Rivaling mercenary gang, 50 peeps
“We were sent from high command”
They have a heavily fortified building 3 levels down.
Abandoned enforcer building. Old barbed wire
It has tarantula turrets


Dusk, Part 5

Back in the van!

Parthas takes a look at Stub’s eyes
“If only we had some ocular systems”

Drive back to the clearing
We go out the back door
Techpriest with missing head and long arms

Khorrl: Can we dismantle him and sell the part?
Parthas: I wouldnt recomend using this. Tech heresy. Runes.
Tries to access the memory banks
“…A receiver that constantly receives data…”
Some sort of auspex. White cord.
Tells parthas to extract all the white stuff.
Blood is glowing goo.
Upgraded bodysnatchers.
Combat shotguns for everyone!

Khorrl decapitates all so parthas can dismantle them later.
5 heads.
Guard flak armors.
“Here is some crude ocular devices”

Khorll suggests his poison to make Stub sleep for the surgery
He comatoses him for 13 hours.
Parthas operates.


Stub wakes. Everything is dim and black/white.
Leluge has watch
Parthas sleeps with a big knife in his hand and a bloody apron.

Next morning:

Mac feeds the kittens.
Stub to khorrl: You’re a bit prettier, something must be wrong.

We drive east towards the mountains
Less and less swamp. Less water, less trees, etc.

Mac and Stub drives/sleeps on shift
Ørn ørn.

Lighthing from the mountain. Sometimes different colors. Sometimes the same place.
Slight uphill. More and more steep.

Dangerous to drive steep without light.
We wait for dawn.
We drive on.


Khorrl asks if parthas can make a hidden compartment in his leg for two guns.
Not possible, it’s way too large.

High mountaints with huge bulders.
We are touching the skies.

Too rocky terrain to drive on.
Looks like a days march ahead.

Discussion if parthas should stay with the car

Khorrl doesn’t want to go and complete the mission.
Arguing. He agrees to come with us a short distance.

We walk on

A cloud comes from beneth us.
Khorrl runs upwards.

Dusk comes.

The thunder tells us there is there is less than 300m left.
Likely behind the next hill/cliff.
Dark rumbling sound, lights can be seen.

Loothas senses 2 human-sized dudes over the hill, and 3 large things in the surroundings.

Looks like vehicles have been traveling here.
Chains and wires with corpses hang down from the side of a rock.
Green lightning, led to the corpses, it spasms.

Khorrl goes first
Leluge makes as much sound as possible

There an access screen with wires going to the rock, waterproof.

Khorrl scouts
Mac grapples up to take sniping position
The rest covers Khorrl

Mac sees a 3 m big insect thing eating an ox. Mandables that is ripping out the spine.
Shoots one eye out.
The beast slices him.

Mac defeates it with his plasma pistol
It burrows

Force field?
Lair. Lightning rod wrapped with technical stuff.
Impaled corpse with lots of tech.
The Chirurgeon. More bulky. Spikes that shoot lightning.
Circle of dark material that absorbs all the ligtning.
Crispy burnt corpse inside.
Corps everywhere connected to tech.

Crosses the force field, nothing happens.
Lots of lightning.
She talks through the speakers.
“Tell your friends to be a bit more careful here”
“… warns you about mines, explosives, traps …”
“Keep a civil tongue in my prescence”
“I want to bring back the glory days of technology”
“I have been forced off planets, and to this distant world”
“This world is perfect, the veil is weak”
“… force the immaterium to do what we want”
“… opening up a new webway …”
“I would like it if your friends did not raise their arms”
“We don’t have to fight, communication is a possibility”
“I know who you are, but i do not have a grudge against you”
“Would you like to step away from the machine so we can talk?”

Alot more armor.
Floats away from the panels.
The rest begins to cath up
A lightning strikes.
“So beatiful”
“What is a webway gate, does it explode?”
“There is only a slim chance”

“Stay a while and listen”
“I can maybe teach you about the technnology”
“We can make the imperium what it once was”
“I do not know if i have the intellect for that”
“That can be fixed”
“I see you have been upgraded since last”
“Yes, there were bullets, i did not enjoy them”
“I would advice you to not use bullets here, the tech is volatile”
“… may cause a sector-wide infestation of demons.”
That might be an overstatement
“What is your name?”
“Simply called the chirurgeon”
The dude in the circle is a demon
“What is that fried dude?”
“Only one component in my experiment”
“A deamon host, created by your insitution”
“I need it alive”

Yellow lightning
“Excellent, not many left now”
“What is the use for the webway”
“… warp not safe … what i’m recreating is a subdimension between the warp and real space”

Mac aims at the demon with boss bullets
“Are you trying to ruin my experiment? It is for the best for mankind”
“You do not want to destroy the demons in this critical stage. It will be destroyed later.”
Khorrl shoots at the demon – <click>
“What did you do to my weapon?”
“Can i continue my lecture or are you trying to stop me from <fancy> mankind?”

Stub throws a fire grenade at the antenna.
It catches fire.
She looks angry.
Her arms begin to cracle.
The light bends behind the demon as something looks like it is trying to breach the veil.

Battle time!

Luminen blast at Stub
“Why do you reject progress?”

Krak grenade fun!
Boss bullet!
She shuts down

“She really have some kind of hubris, thinking she can control the warp”
“She will notice the warp controlles her”

She flies up in a storm of fire.
She disappears
Khorrl runs
Stub and Loothas blow up the thingy with explosives
Tentacles from the thingy starts to move
Stub feels the urge to set himself on fire
Khorrls promethium catches fire, he grabs
Mac runs
The 2nd boss is back, stub and loothas is burned from existence
Khorrl throws the prometheum at the demon. The deamon laughs
Leluge sets an example by standing ground and praying
The engine-thingy uses the corpses and wires to move closer to Leluge
It lashes one of the wires at Leluge, and creates a crated besides her
Mac is inspired by the speach.
He turns and blasts out a big part of the techpriest-demon’s head. It laughs
Techpries-demon creates a firestorm around Leluge and Mac
Leluge lobs two kraks at the possesed.
Magma like blood begins to seep out
<the> from down the cliff
The great machine-demon crawls towards it.
Mac fineshes off the possesed as it looks on its way to teleport away
Its face is blown away. The fiery stuff disappears. It falls
<the> from down the cliff
The sound of an engine being chewed into pieces by a mountain

Mac spots the biomechanical heart of our nemesis, still barely pumping, with a white coord sticking out
Mac and Leluge carries Loothas and Stub away


The bloodied journal: page 8.A dance with deamons.

I don’t remember much from after my name was said but I think something just plainly spoken wrong happened. I’m not sure as to why but I think that staying in this town was a mistake.

Only the emperor through his breath on your shoulders can forge you into something that can survive this planet.

We went here with arrogancy thinking that it would be a walk in a park, with some sludge in it.
Nobody but the emperor himself could have the stomach to even think to clean out this fog of death without something to be in orbit shooting down targets…

My mind went blank when I saw him burned into the insignia, I wanted to save him, not knowing what prison it really was.

We freed a demon today, neither I or my friend [It seems like she has used more force on the word ‘friend’ than the other words.] Macrian could have known that it was a creature of the warp. I should have felt his darkness but it was shrouded by the haze of the day.
Our wishes were granted as the demon asked, both me and my friend worded our wishes badly so we ended up in a situation where we created a haven in the church and our friends were teleportet outside the town.

This page seems to have been completely untouched by the blood that have been soaking the entire book so far. Though the ink seems to have tainted the rest of the page somewhat.

When you are on Dusk...
Murder for two

I am on Dusk. The fabric is coarse and bristle, cool, but not cold to touch. The color is brown, and it does not taste of blood. This is a tree, I am sitting in a tree on an island, I am surrounded by slowly moving waters, some form of damp is blocking most of my vision, I believe fog is the word for it. I am bleeding from my stomach, probably a stab wound… something huge and noisy is nearby. Fuck!

Suddenly I am back in front of the palisade, Loothas, Parthas and Jethro is standing next to me, all looking as dumbfounded as I probably look like. I feel like something plucked me away from my nightmare and placed me somewhere less immediately dangerous. That’s Dusk for you.

I notice Mac and Lelouche suddenly standing on top of the ramparts, usually seeing them would not evoke any particular form of feeling at all, but their presence is like a stain upon my soul. I feel violated by their presence, I can remember pains from distant memories, feelings of hate, but those feelings are nothing compared to what I feel towards them. My forgotten pains are nothing compared to what I will inflict upon them.

They both jump down and I have to quench the sudden impulse to jump away and fire every form of ballistic I have. They don’t know yet, I could kill them while they sleep, poison their food, slit their throats while they take a piss. That won’t do, I am going to look them in the eye as I kill them, I will not allow them to even touch me before they are dead.

My friends! As I walk over to Mac, I open my arms in a gesture of good will, resisting the urge to smash his ugly face, wrapping my arms around him, subtly restricting his right arm from drawing any weapons. I swear to the emperor, I do not remember much of what happens next, but it was swift, it was merciless, it was painful and it was just.

I can feel Mac tensing his muscles, spasming in pain as I stab him in the back, again and again and again, injecting every drop of necrotic poison into his filthy spine. As I am forced to let go, my secret blade is finally revealed to my former comrade. The only thing I remember is the feeling of searing through muscle and tendons in two bladed kicks to the shoulder and neck. I was probably smiling.

Next was Lelouche. Before anyone had had any chance to react, Mac was dead, and the bitch didn’t have the wits to run. Jethro tried to intervene, his wits must have left him, because he tried to stop me, but I could not be touched. Loothas probably felt what I felt, knew what I knew, because he fired upon the glowing figure of Lelouch. Then me and Lelouch exchanged shots, she missed, I didn’t. Charging me while roaring something, I do not remember the words, but she should have saved her breath for a prayer, because it was the last thing she ever did. In a haze I remember dodging her charge while bombarding her with a fury of kicks, each thrown with the intent to kill. It ended in blood and fire, she was dead, I was untouched. The world is turning black around me, but this doesn’t matter. They are dead, I am untouched, this is power.

This is the truth, I am on Dusk.

Personal log: Former Captain Jethro Tull. First day on Dusk [revised for public log]

The recording sparks into life with a slight static, the sound of light rain in the background. The deep voice of a Guardsman speaks

Personal log; je-ehm… Number.05
Location: Dusk, ATAV.
Mission: Seek and Destroy.

This planet is something special, that’s for sure. I have visited many planets in my travels since leaving the imperial guard. From pleasure worlds which luxury dulls the mind and bores me to death, to deathworlds where the very dirt itself actively hunts your blood. My stays at these planets were only temporary, as i needed to continue. I have seen all of this, yet none can compare to the world we barely have set our foot on. Dusk has so far lived up to both its name and legend, if not exceeded it. A planet enveloped in mist, never reaching farther than twillight before sinking back into the darkness of night. In addition to these visuals, everything seems enveloped in an eerie silence, if not for the occasional horn-like roar. The roar is deep, rumbling through your gut. I swear i have a recording of it somewhere.

The recording would switch over to members of the Red Steel Brigade discussing their next course of actions, suddenly interrupted by a deep, rumbling roar After the roar, the brigade would be completely silent, the muffled sound of an engine the only audible sound. After a few moments, the recording returns to Jethro.

Yeah, so that’s a thing. The atmosphere is like showing up for the daily exercise back in the military, to find there was not a single penal casualty that day. the-… “Things” in the background sounds like the horn from the mess-hall, calling the soldiers for supper. We are in mortal danger, yet we have not fired upon a single enemy. I have experienced all of these things before, and any commissar would want this for his troops for them to toughen up, Yet the combination of these things, the result being this planet, would even make the commissars think twice about advancing.

In all my life i have not hesitated about my decisions, though i may have stopped to assess and think about them. In the day we have been on this planet, i have fallen into a state of mind forgotten through training. I have felt Unsure. Twice i had to stop and convince myself not to turn around and flee. This is troubling indeed. This is not honorable. It is not the way of a proud Imperial Guard Captain! I do not know whether this is a testament to the power this world has over me, or a revelation about myself. I must push on. I cannot abandon my comrades, my companions, or dare i say-… Friends.

I must not give in to these doubts this planet has planted in me. I must protect them, for they are some of the finest soldiers i have seen in my fourteen years of service. By our Father on Terra, i am an Imperial Guard. To each of us falls a task. And all the Father on Terra requires of us Guardsmen is that we stand in line, and we die fighting. It is what we do best: we die standing. If I die, I shall die as a shield for my comrades, my sword in the skull of our enemies. The enemy cannot hide from us, not even in death. If they threaten my friends, so may our father on Terra have mercy upon them, for i shall not.

End of log.

The recording crackles to an end

The Death of Macrian
For your soul's sake, Don't die on dusk.

The Death of Macrian

(The following happens at the end of Session Dusk part.2)

(PS. Press “I Await” to hear song, for best effect open in “ny fane” and continue reading. Enjoy)

Lelouche and Macrian jumped over the palisades and ran towards their friends who had inexplicably appeared outside the now dead camp. Macrian saw Khorrl standing up and looking at him. There was this strange unfamiliar look on his face, but it disappeared as soon as he saw it. It was replaced by the good old-fashioned Gunmetall-City look with his little smiling grin. Khorrl opened his arms for a embrace and said “I’m so glad to see you!” Macrian was glad to see that they were all ok and ran to meet them. He hugged Khorrl and started saying “It’s so good to see you guys, you have to check out the town, there is a…” More couldn’t he say, because the air in his lungs was seeping out on his side instead of through his mouth.

Everything went in slow-motion as he had a flashback to his grandfather’s funeral, back on his homeworld Taalos Rubeus. He remembered the old song of sorrow that his people had passed down the generations. The song’s name was I await . The song’s meaning had forever been a mystery, but he knew the words were of great importance for the one entering the void. It had been sung in honor to the ones who had done greatness, but died in vain. Macrian had always wondered when it would be sung for him.

He looked down and saw three metal spikes protruding out from the left side of his chest. Macrian Touched his side and felt a familiar sensation as his hand got covered in warm blood, slowly but surely. He didn’t feel pain, only a great sense of shock that enveloped his mind as he sensed an aura of hate emanating from Khorrl.

He felt his body struggling against the obviously poisoned spikes, as he felt his entire body rebelling against him. Macrian tried to defend himself, but Khorrl’s “hug” had turned from a happy embrace to a death-trap. Before Macrian was able to do anything, he heard a click coming from Khorrl’s leg. He felt a sharp pain across his chest and neck as a blade slashed across his body. He felt warm and sticky blood gushing over his skin and clothing as fear gripped him. He was about to die, and worst of all, the mortal strike had come from where he had least expected it. From one of his trusted companions he sheared the most with, Khorrl.

Macrian felt his legs failing him as the muscles didn’t get the oxygen they sorely needed. His arms stopped reacting to his commands and fell limply to his sides. Before his knees failed him, he tried to say something. None of the others heard him because there was no air to pass through his vocal cords, but Khorrl’s lip reading abilities made him realize Macrian’s final word,… Why?…

Blackness ensued. Macrian felt like he was in some kind of dream-state, like his paralyzed body floated in some kind of liquid inside an endless void. His vision flared in all kinds of colors and patterns as he suddenly heard a voice. No, several voices. They were coming from all directions. Outside and inside of his head. An incoherent choir of a billion screams of eternal torment. It kept on building until Macrian thought the sound would overwhelm his sense of reality if it didn’t stop. Then came the earth-shattering silence.

He was back on Dusk again and his companions were all around him. It must have been a nightmare, thought Macrian and started walking towards them just to realize his legs started to fall apart. “Help me! I am dying, please help me!” He reached for his friends only to see his fingers and hands fall off like they were made of wet paper. Helplessly he watched his fellow compatriots, his friends, turn their back on him. They walked away, leaving him crumbling in the mud only to be consumed by flesh-eating insects and the like.

Again he woke. Macrian was starting to lose track of fantasy and reality. Now he was stretched in a way that made his body resembled an X. He was apparently just hanging in thin air, unable to move and unable to think straight as dark thoughts clouded his consciousness. Two creatures approached from either side of him. It became apparent that those were not human. The one coming from the right was enormous. It had blood-red skin, huge bat-like wings, reversed kneecaps, hooves instead of feet and two horns protruding from its skull. The one coming from the left resembled a smaller creature, but with a more purple hue to its skin. It had an extra set of arms and had both male and female reproductive organs. It had tree long purple tongues that fluttered about in unison and six horns forming a symmetrical pattern. The tongues looked like they could pierce flesh as easily as a powersword. Then they both grabbed one arm and leg and started pulling.

The mind numbing pain was unlike anything Macrian’s mind had ever conceived possible as he was slowly being pulled in half. “CHOOSE TO SERVE MY DOMAIN AND THIS PAIN WILL SUBSIDE!” Macrian understood that it was the red demon that had spoken. “I CAN GRANT YOU VENGENCE UPON THOSE WHO HAVE YOU DONE YOU HARM, SO YOU CAN RETAKE YOUR GLORY. I CAN GIVE YOU STRENGTH AND SKILLS YOU HAVE ONLY DREAMT OF”

Macrian was then shoved a vision where he was standing In front of Khorrl who was about to attack him again, but this time Macrian was holding a huge and bizarre sword in his hand. With that sword he swung once and cut both Khorrl’s sword and arm in half and slicing into his stomach spilling his blood and guts on the ground before finally decapitating him as easily as cutting a rotten fruit in half. He finished it by stomping the head just to make it pop like an watermelon and spat on it. Then he saw himself standing gloriously upon a battlefield where he was leading an army that slaughtered his enemies before him and conquered new land in his name.

His vision suddenly aborted by another more seductive voice. “Forget about this world of vengeance and trivial pursuit of glory". It was the four-armed demon who spoke to him, but before continuing it slid its tree tongues underneath his skin like a hot knife through butter. Adding to the pain but also excreting some kind of liquid to enhance his senses. I will grant your deepest desires and wishes. I can let you see loved ones long gone and grant you riches and power beyond your wildest imagination.

This creature showed him a world where his parents had been brought back to life, embracing him with the love only parents could muster. Then he was sitting on a throne made by solid gold and jewels in all the colors of the rainbow. He was wearing the finest power-armor he had ever laid his eyes on, not so different from the armor he had seen the Emperor wearing in stained glass paintings and the like. He was also surrounded by the most beautiful women he had ever seen. In front of him was a buffet of the most delicious food he had ever smelled and the most marvelous drinks he had tasted.


Macrian felt every twist and turn the tongues of the purple demon did within him and the fact the red demon had crushed his arm and leg to a smudge didn’t help either. He mustered all of his willpower. He thought of the green planes and beautiful red oceans on Taalos Rubeus. He thought of all the fun and relatively happy moments he had experienced with his comrades in Red Steel. He remembered the good conversations with Zarldar Loothas and the wise words he had to offer in times of need. The tense encounters he had survived only with help of Solomon Demeter and his wits. The black Gard humor of Jethro Tull, that more than ones had lifted Red Steels spirit before entering a particular dangerous situation. Macrian remembered Lelouche Strata’s Wonderful singing and prayers that most certainly had to have raised their worth in the eyes of The Emperor. But most of all he thought of the times he and Khorrl had laughed together, argued together and fought together. He remembered the disgust he had felt for him when they first met and how it had gradually grown into a friendship one should look long after. All this he remembered and a single tear was shed before his mind started to succumb.

In a last effort of resistance, he did the only thing he could do. He fought through the pain and forced himself despite the demonic bindings cast upon his body and whispered a prayer to the one and only father of all, humanities savior, Caesar Imperator, The Emperor of Man.

Pierce my flesh, Break my bones, Take my life
These matters not
In my sacrifice, ye of the Dark Gods shall know Defeat
For even in Death shall we be triumphant in His name.

The Red colored demon responded by tearing of his arm and buried its claws in Macrian’s Stomach, ripping out his intestines. It did this while laughing morbidly at his puny attempt at resisting their soul-harvest.

It was then that a blinding white light entered the area and enveloped all tree in a blazing inferno. The demons screamed as their flesh almost seem to burn from the inside which can only be compared to the damage inflicted with a sanctified multi-melta. Macrian didn’t think he would be able to handle even more pain than he already was, but when the flames reached him they felt cool and soothing, like they were almost trying to comfort him. That’s when he saw it. A huge two-headed eagle with a bright Halo flying towards him. The Eagle wrapped its mighty claws around him and lifted him upwards towards infinitely bright light.

Macrian woke up gasping for breath. He tried to stand, but quickly found out he was tied down to a three. He looked around a saw Loothas staring ominously at him.
“What have you to say for yourselves?” Loothas asked with a mixture of confusion and annoyance. Macrian was about to tell everything, but his mind had slowly erased the traumatizing memories to protect itself from going utterly insane. “Was it all just a very bad dream?”

Dusk, Part 2
The Hangover

21 o’clock

People are sleeping/drugged in the car
Leluge sleeps in the tavern
Mac holds watch for 3.5 hours

23 o’clock

There are some creeks, possibly from the wood, in a stone building…
Scraching sounds from the roof, straight up
He wakes Leluge
Leluge’s dream turns into an earthquake while a 100m high dark shape enters from a magmatic ravine
He slaps her across the face
She wakes to a small dark room, not knowing dreams from reality
She curls into fetus position in the corner and prays to the Emperor
Cue THE sound

Mac shoots at the sound with the executioner
The scraching stops
After about 30 min, some thin purple glowing goo (which gives off gas) drips down through the hole
It seems to coagulate
He grabs the shotgun
It knocks on the door
“What’s goin on? I heard gun fire”
“I tripped and fell on the trigger”
“Yeah right… It must be something since you’re trying to conceal it”
“I might have to ask you to leave is you continue like this”
Mac opens the door
He has a greatsword over his shoulder
Shows him the blood
“Do you know what thing this could be from?”
“I recon some thing from the woods”
“Maybe it’s hunting you”
“It’s time for the hunter to become the hunted”
“You’re going after it?”
“Not not, i’m not going outside without sunlight” ish
“Okay. Now, be quiet” ish
“This was last time, promise!” ish
Leluge from the corner: “Names have been broken, the light has been broken”
He jams a chair to the door and tries to find the most defendable spot
He covers up, and sleeps

Night passes

Loothas wakes up in the front seat with a rambo knife in his hand and covered in blood
In the middle of the forest. Parthas in the side seat
Compass broken, map shredded
Remembers nothing
Stubber snores in the back with his legs up the wall
Door is open, Khorrl missing, but his stuff here, blood trail from back to Loothas
Stub hail on vox

Khorrl wakes on an island with a lonely island in the swamp
He bleeds from his stumack
Alot of static on the vox
Khorrl shouts “Shut up fuckface”
Cue the sound
The whole ground seems to shake
He climbs the tree (4m)
“Drønn” from one side of the island and a splash sound followed by a wave that reaches the tree

Stub shouts “Number one!” into the vox
Cue the sound
We close the door

Khorrl: It seems like something has been lifted from the water, and is moving away
Stub and Loothas swaps place
He tries to start the car, but the starter seems broken
Parthas goes out with a toolbox and talks to he ATAV
“Fucking hells, it seems like someone has removed one of the tubes”
“I have to improvise, and the tech spirit seldom likes it”

Loothas notices humanly shades comming from all angles
Stub mentions Parthas
The eyes of the creatures start to glow
The sound (also wind)

Cue combat

Stub dons the turret
Parthas runs inside
Loothas feels there is the creatures looks similar to eachother
They run towards the turrent
Loothas kills a bunch of zombies with the las guns, a multicolored flame dissapates from their head
The sound is closer
Stub clears 7
The glow from the eyes of the remaining increases when others die
Zombies scrach Stub’s back and bites his neck
Loothas “P-man, hit the grenade button”
Loothas clears another octant behind
Parthas clears all around, blood and gore everywhere
All but a bunch on the roof left
We hear trees breaking
Stub pulls the gun down, a zombie arm still holds on
Parthas “I can try to fix the car if you cover me” ish
“Need one minute” ish
Loothas grows wings and grabs grenades
Stub blast outside the side door
Loothas jumps out and flies 6-7 meters up, above the fog
Sees a big glowing thing, like a mountain, glows around some sort of spine, a cave with spikes inwards, it eats trees, about 30 meters high
Loothas lobs grenades, and shoots the few remaining
Parthas runs out, whacks the heads of the 3 zombies infront of the hooda, and starts the repair
We see more zombies in the horizon

Mac wakes
He dons his armor
He tries to contact the rest, but there is only static
He wakes Leluge
“I can’t get contact with the rest of the group over the fox”
Chant of impending doom
They go out to the common rooms
No one else are awake
Exiting the inn, his spider senses tingles, he rolls away
A 100kg cat-like animal with glowing eyes jumps down, his teeth grabbing the space where his neck was

Cue combat

Mac disengages and fires his executioner, but misses and hits the door (which shatters)
The creature jumps away over the roof
He notices it has a grace wound on its side

They run to the ramparts
There are some cold dead guards in the guard tower
No wounds on them
Mac climbes the ramparts to look closer, but finds nothing interesting

Mac tries to hail the rest, but receives only static
“We have to find somebody, anybody”
They go to the father, and knock on the door
No answer, and it’s locked

They go to a random house
“Anybody here?”
They break and enter
They search the house and finds a dead couple in the bed

They go to a random house
“Anybody here?”
They break and enter
They search the house, but finds no one.
Grabs some salty meat

They search the inn
Finds the innkeeper dead in the bed, something has eaten away his tongue
Blood under the fingernails
“I think he has a sever case of death. I think it’s fatal”
Leluge takes the greatsword, but it burns his hands
He notices some crude runes etched in the leather
Mac tries to pick it up, he feels a foul evil power trying to grab into his mind
Leluge “The sword is tainted”

They go to the father
Mac hears what sounds like a brazier
He knocks, but there is no answer
He breaks the door with his power blade

It is a dark room
8 braziers in a circle
Inquisitorial I carved in wood in the middle of the rooms, wrapped in chains, suspended 2m up
8 chains of adamantium from it to the braziers
Leluge sees it symbolizes a chaos star
“Help me!” from the I
On the other side is the father, almost burned to death, his eyes burned out
“They came for me and mine”
Mac cuts the chain with the power blade
“Thank you for freeing me”
“I was stuck, but now i will grant you one wish each”
He opens his burned out eyes
“I have been taken by the inquisition once before, they created me to be exact”
“I am glad that you from the inquisition redeemed yourself”
Mac “What heresy is this?”
“The inquisition created me, and they are the judges of what is heresy”
“Are you defying me? Do you want your wishes or …”
Leluge whises the red steel to be safe
Mac wishes the party to be assembled outside the gates
“It will be granted”
He snaps his fingers, and the rest wakes outside the gates
Khorrl feels hatred for everyone in the group, especially the ones in the church
“Thank you for freeing me, i have granted your whises, i am sure you want to see your friends”
They leave the church, and run towards the gate

Khorrl sees his hated enemies ontop of the ramparts, even more hated than the pimp
They jump down
Khorrl “I’m so glad to see you!”
He hugs him, and the stabs Mac
After failing to kill him with his poison damage, he uses his leg-sword to near-decapitate him
Leluge “Demon spawn!”, he gets a holy aura and then shoots at Khorrl
Loothas is repelled by the light
He flies up and shoots Leluge in the leg
In the confusion, Stub flings his metal leg at Khorrl, but misses
Khorrl shoots Leluge
Leluge yell “Fucker!” and charges Khorrl
Loothas shoots Leluge, knocking the air out of his lungs
Stub looks confused like a kid, and steps away
Khorrl lashes out with his leg against Leluge, and finishes withe the flamer
Leluge falls down “lifeless”
Khorrl falls unconcious

They appear to be dead, but <bing> says they’r alive
We remove their weapons and duck-tape them to trees
Parthas deactivates their mechanical legs
The ground shakes as Loothas heals them
“What have you to say for yourselves?”

350 xp


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