The Darkest of Heresies

A bloodied journal page 2

The ones walking the path the emperor set for them will get far.
A huge Rouge Trader transport ship, Lightbringer was where the Hetiareia Lexis reccomended us to go to get to our destination. We found ourselves survival kits and geared up for this monumental task the emperor had sent our way.

My breath caught as we were carried across the void between the world and the space station, because I could see the great ship Lightbringer, as we entered the Lightbringer we were greeted by a deck hand that were to bring us to our ‘private quarters’.

The man in the impractical uniform didn’t know how to moderate his constant advertisement for the great feats of the huge monstrosity of a ship.
I guess I’ve never had any dealings with any roguetraders before but even the air in this gigantic spear of a ship seems extravagant enough to please the emperor…

If what the walking advertisement says is true, this ship might even be huge enough to beat most cities on Lochantos.

I feel that our work have just begun.
The emperor might have had a say in the choice of the charriot to bring us through the void.
The Luxurious apartments we’ve been granted by the Hetiareia Lexis is on the boarders of herasy.

Nothing can come from nothing, the emperor creates everything.

-This page has the same dottings of blood as the previous one, and the same bite have been taken from this page, the handwriting the same.


Yuven LogenFelxon

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