The Darkest of Heresies

Heretech Revisited, Part 4

Let the interrogation commence

10 guards around each.

“Gary Jones” did not follow Knorrls orders.
Upon threathened to be reported, he removed his name tag and called a replacement.

Khorrl identifies unknown poisons:
3x Morphia 5 – 1. Incapacitate, 2. Kill
3x Still unknown
1x Still unknown

Khorrl goes to BioEngineering (So long suckers, vamoose suckers)
30m long great hall
Rød løper, altar with moving cog
Servitor skulls svirling around
Techpries behind the alter, fully mechanic, 3 eyes, mechanical drill-like jaw, blue robes, octopus arms with scalpels++

Khorrl: “I request your aid. I have heard great things about you”
Techpriest: “Blessing on your lower right body”
Techpries calls him weak.(Since Khorrl said the flesh is weak)
Asks for implant for 2000, 2500, 3000 thrones donation.
Techpriest begins to leave.
“There might be one thing: You can aid our research.” (Surprise/Secret)
Khorrl accepts and get caried away like som piece of furniture.
Guards waits outside.

Lelouche goes to the quartermaster.
“Plexiglass” of pure diamond, that he sits behind.
Queue that takes a few hours to approach the desk.
Lazy dude with curly hair, mutton chops behind the desk. “Nobody tells me nothing”
Shows him the inquision mark on his suid. “I’m the queen of ancient england”
Shows him the insignia. “Huh, look at that”
Needs to fill out a contract: Can’t use the gear on the ship without authorization from an officer.
Needs to state mission.
“Not at liberty”, “Can’t grant weapons”
Lelouche activates his “glorie”
“What is this sorcery?”
He takes out an auspex and looks to scan for gasses.
Lelouche blabbles “…inquisition…we’re awesome…” (Not how I remember it)
“I have my orders”

The door rings. Mac brings his guns.
A 14 year old messenger on the door. Looks to be from the bridge.
Big solid mahogny door.
Messenger Harold informs that the interrogation room is ready.
Hands over the scroll. Heldenhammer Dynasty insignia.
They will only be there for about 4 hours.
Location: aorstuhafwtharlhstyuarh left left left right right aorystunaf up down up down up down ourstn.
Got map? Sure, take this holographic coin map.
Made of gold and emeralds that smell of wealth.

Mac vox’es to the rest.
“Return to base”
No response from Khorrl (That damn motherfucking monkey with a fat drunken ass)

Lars Petter step in: Sean Bean (Jack O’Neill)
Has family on the ship
Squad leader
Guard for Benjamin

Lelouche calls squad leader, and tells him that the quarter master does not give in.
“Quarter master is higher ranking. We are only here for your protection”
Lelouche says “This will continue…” and leaves

Lelouche and Loothas meets at the door.
About 30 mins has passed

“Gnards, give us some privacy!”
Mac shows the scroll and says “Read this”
Waits for Khorrl for up to 30 mins.

Decide to take 6 guards, and a strike team nearby.
Guards: Sean Bean, Geir, Frode, Per Askeladd, Goggen Roy “The Boy-Toy”, Kaab “Cab”
Strike team: John, Bob, Martin, Kate, Roger

Huge door with vault mechanism into the orthogonal corridor with techpriest.
A few of the bluecloaks has been captured and placed in separate rooms.
Looks like old storage rooms that has been cleared out.
Tracks along the floor.
Guards readies combat shotgun.
Per Askeladd and Goggen Roy goes first.

Enters the first door.
They clear the room. Mac says “Thats not good enough. Are you sure he is not a threat?”. Two shots are fired.
A broken a techpriest sits there on a chair.
Some arguing follows.
“To be clear, sir, i had a clear shot”
“I’m sure he would have resisted arrest anyway”
They search the techpriest, and find a bunch of strange tech stuff (spare parts, weird cogs).
Don’t kill the next time…

Next room:
“Clear!” “Clear!” “Clear!”
No shots fired, the techpriest is alive.
“Matrix” on a screen with blue text. Heart monitor.
Appears to be turned off.
Code on his chest: Techpriest 977
German accent.
Shit talk back and forth.

Start questioning #1:
What do you know about the warp drive malfunctioning?
“The core compactor of the subdrives … 23c har a particle overacceleration…”
“That problem can almost only be manmade”
It must have been a techpriest, right?
This could not possibly be done by the techpriest that has worked here for long.
“So he have screened 10000 workers and know everyone is loyal?”
No, but it is more likely that the newly arrived are the cause, therefore you bluecloaks are suspicious, and it has never happened before.
“I seem to remember it has happened before”
But it is quite rare?
“I would not say it is very rare on this ship”

Sean Bean: Can i have a word outside?
The techpries shows a smile.
First: Make him talk
Second: Ask the others the same questions and cross-reference

“Did your little morale talk get you into shape?”
We narrowed it down to you bluecloaks.
“How did you narrow it down to us?”
Do you know geir?
Do you have any workers under your command at the warp-drive?
So you do not deny you have the capabilities to execute the sabotage?
“Any techpriest worth his oil will be able to do some sabotage, but i will not tamper with the spirit of this ship.”
Rival Dynasty: Atillas?
He personally would like the warp-drive to function.

Have you seen some suspicious people around the warp-drive?
“Yes, some grease-monkeys. A red-cloak that has worked with some of bluecloaks in heatvent corridor 6B.”
Lelouche remembers this guy
Shows the drawing: “Do you recognize this one?”
“That is number 637 with the redcloak”
“The redcloak is the supervisor of the bluecloaks at that spot”
Why is he suspicious?
“He is leading the bluecloaks to where they are”

Have these problems happened before?
Have you seen something suspicious?
What do you think of this redcloak?

Techpriest #3: 837 “Parthus”
Big fat one.
Sits there with some lunch and some coffee.
“Come in, just finishing up my lunch”
Have you heard about the sabotage?
“Yes, we should have been in warp several days ago”
Seen anything suspicious?
“Not really”
Shows him the photo
“Not really” Points to the bluecloak. “Think we’re in the same district on Lathe”
Who do you think could be behind this sabotage?
“I do not know, and do not like to make assumptions. Ever heard of a guessing techpriest”
What do you think would be required for this sabotage?
“Some form to hide who it was, probably not someone from that spot directly, and a scape goat, and have something to do with that spot, a reason, worst kind of tech heresy”
“The person should have been shot on the spot and made into a servitor that would fix it”
Redcloak supervisors?
“I guess … fickle emotions of trust….logic should drive people…”
Why would someone sabotage?
“Slow down the ship. Bribes or orders”
Do you think it is a techpriest?
“Requires the intelligence of one, but no decent techpriest would”

Techpriest 4#: 666
Looks like a robot, almost no flesh. Only a cloak for clothing.
Sits still. 4 arms. Skull of metal. Stares at the wall. Green eyes, black metal.
Do you know why you’re here?
“To give information about the sabotage”


Where do you work?
“Corridor 16 b”
What is the distance from your workplace to the sabotage?
“320m walking, 200m radius”
Where was the sabotage?
“Heatventcorridor 6b” (Where we met geir)
What would be required to do this sabotage?
“Knowledge of thermomechanics of plasma … strong nuclear force”
Who are your superiors?
Do you know <earlier>?
How do you know him?
“I know 977 from refueling station”
Motives of the saboteur?
Logical reasons?
How does he usually supervise you?
“Access Denied”
“Access Denied”
“Access Denied”
“Access Denied”
Shuts off

We get 837, and bring him to 666.
“I think i can tease him out”
Connect a “usb” on his finger. Things happen on the screen.
29 mins later…
837 starts to sweat, 666 boots up.
Why did you shut down?
Why would he do such a thing?
“I would guess he has information he won’t let out”

He obvously knows something suspicious about the redcloak.
Let’s talk to the super engine seer prime.
Mac tries to contact Khorrl, but the beurocracy is against him…

Techpriest #5: 1338
Almost human, only a rebreather.
Looks to be bored. 23 years.
Do you know why you’re here?
“Something about the sabotage”
What do you know about the sabotage?
“Dont recognize any”
Where do you work?
“Exhaust ven 63C, 15 minutes walk away.”
Who do you think did it?
“I don’t know”
“I was upgraded from a wrenchmonkey 6 months ago”
His supervisor’s number is pi, but he only remembers the first 48 digits.
Why sabotage?
“Probably slow it down”
Sabotage before?
“Not in the 2 months i’ve been here”
His dad’s name is Bob
How does your supervisor supervise?
“Drags us from our living quarter at 6am, looking over our shoulder, and always nagging and correction us. Stern but fair.”

A bunch of redcloaks arrives
The over-redcloak with one augmentet eye approaches (Number One)
“You requested assistance?”
“Parthas (837), stand aside”
“I will keep him awake and alive”
Connects with a “baby snake” wire from his neck.
10 mins later…
666 powers up

Why did you power down?
“Power failure”
One tries to extract info, but failes. “Try to keep him occupied”
How does he usually supervise you?
“He comes once a week and gives me instruction”
What instructions?
“Things that i know is not allowed on the ship”
What do these instructions imply for the warp-engine?
“It would be unwise to use the drives, and show on the main board”
Who is your supervisor?
“Number Two”

Number one pulls out the cable
“We can fry his systems now”
“We will make sure he will not meet the Omnissiah”

Number one recomends to not talk to any techpriest connected to the uplink
This section is “radio-silent”

350 xp


Yuven LogenFelxon

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