The Darkest of Heresies

Heretech Revisited, Part 5

The hunt

666’s eyes flicker as he is stared down by number one.
“The deed is done”

Up to you to arrest number two.
Any means allowd, except shooting vital parts of the ship.
“Follow me”

Far down into the engine sections (SUB-16)
Near the spot where Geir was tortured, the the bluecloaks found.

Parthus: “It seems #2 has taken up space in the terminal, and has locked himself in.”
He is trying to get access to the security systems
Want him out now

Long service corridor
Clear plasma tube along the ceiling
Sean Bean: Let my men go first!

Opens the door
Lots of wrenchmonkeys
Bluecloak techpries at end of corridor that tries to run
“Hold criminal scum!”
Fires at his legs, 2 workers die, but he esapes
Follows, but the door closes at the end

3m x 2m x 30m corridor
Confused workers
Servo sculls floodin in through vents (3-4 from 6 vents along the corridor)
Combat time!

6 sculls goes to the door behind us to try to close it off
Other begin to weld hatches shut
Mac misses and hits the fire alarm, causing rain
Stub takes out 4
Bean takes out 1 while holding the door back,
Leluge noteces one servoscull har a demo pack
Loot holds 6 skulls together with telekinesis

Bean looses the door to the skulls.
The skull doploys the bomb at the plasma vent. 1m behind Parthus
Mac burns a small hole in the door
Bean commands his men to brute force the entry door which is partially welded
Stub drops all weapons and storms ahead to disarm the bomb
Super awesome hacking scene
Mac try to aid Parthas, but is useless
“I’m through 1 of the 3 firewalls”
Stub recognizes a timer, and overrides it, however the bomb is still active

Command some wrenchmonkeys to help with the door

Stub pull the detonator from the bomb, rendering it useless
The bomb would have easily taken out the plasma tube
Mac aids Parthus and brings the second firewall down
We can smell prometheum fumes

Loot notices a wire creating sparks in the ceiling
He walks up the wall and heroicly wraps it with duct tape before trying a double summersault and faceplanting the floor
Parthus is loosing the battle “Number one, i need your help”
“The third firewall is down”

Circular room (10m radius)
3 heatvents join to a big one
4 colums with turrets (heavy stubbers)
“Seems #2 has access to a main terminal”

Some of the guards (4) fire at the turrets
“Target aquired”
Guards are dead
“Target neutralized”

Mac plasmas one turret, melting its head
Other 3 targets: “Target aquired”
Mac barely jumps out of the way

Bean suggests to throw in some dead wrenchmonkeys
Loot distracts the turrets by moving a 25kg monkey wrench with his mind while Mac shoot the turrets
Broken turrets: “Hate self”

3 other doors, all locked
“Audio aquired, calculating”
One is remotely working on the main door
The door opens

Big chamber with a cargo bay door leading out to outer space
Opposite a glass chamder
Big techpriest, 8 arms, consol
Big chamber between us and him
Right: Voidsuit emergency station
The door behind us closes
“You think you have cornered me?”
An alarm goes off
The door (“wall”) begins to open.
We run to the void units

Loothas grows jetpack/wings
Goggen Roy is almost lost to the vacuum, but is saved by a glappling hook to the arm by Mac
Long line: Stub, Leluge, Bean, Per Askeladd, Kaab, Kate
Loothas is given magboots by Parthus
Loothas dons a void suit and begins to distribute to the rest
I skapet: Only in the direst of situations. Keypad that blinks green. Plantegninger av en mech suit
Loothas slams the button.
Mech suit
Mac sees it, but loothas tell him to save people
“Closing mech doors in 10 seconds”
Mac dons the suit
People start to suffocate.
Loothas manages to save Kate, Stub, Leluge and Bean.
Goggen Roys blood has boiled away
Mac realises he cannot pilot the suit
Locked in by blast doors

Techpriest looks angry
He breaks the glass, and lightening shoots out of his arms
Over vox: “Sean Bean, i have never liked the security people”
Shoots lightening

Mac presses the big red button, and is ejected
Loothas is thrown 4 meters into the air while growing an exoskeleton.
Stub fires away. What should normally destroy vehicles seems to only moderately damage the techpriest. Some oil is leaking
The techpries looks somewhat amazed to have survived
Leluge mildly pokes him with his gun
The techpriest tries to pick leluge up, but strikes the ground infront of him
Mac tries to press the holy rune of opening on the blast door, but it opens before he presses
Outside is Parthas: “What the hell are you doing in there?”
Mac goes out and shoots
The plasma blast melts his head
He goes out with a feedback screech, and knock back Stub and Leluge, before collapsing

Parthus goes to a control panel and begins to close the door
Parthus: “Want lunch?”
Loothas and Stub goes to the refueling station (they got chicken)

Mac calls Lightbringer emergency services
Pass me over to the lord captain commander
“You want me to set you over to THE LORD COMMANDER OF THE SHIP?”
“A partymember is missing”
“Want to file a missing person report?”
Yes …. (unremarkable)
“That could be anybody”
Leluge: we should probably head up there ourselves

Mac: Can we get a plasmacutter
Bean: I’ll have to talk to the quartermaster
Mac: This is now a rescue mission
Bean contacts his men, we know that Khorrl is at the Temple

At the temple
30 men, no breaching equipment
Goes in
Techpriests all around
Sevro skull svirling around
“Hey, do you have time to answer some questions?”
“I have 30.5 minutes”
“Khorrl is missing”
“Half a day is not enough for the procedure”
“We think he might be in danger”
“Are you accusing us?”

Leluge goes in, asks high magos

“He has agreed to take part of some tests”
“How long?”
“That depends on how de does in the tests”

No way to contact him
Shows us contract in binary with Khorrls signature X on it

Regroup at suite
People order massages with happy ending

250 xp


Yuven Promethas

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