The Darkest of Heresies

Short recap

From humble and not so humble beginnings, our company made of bloodied armors, swords that have cut through corrupted flesh many a’ time and bullets marked red…

Red Steel’s first appearance in the inquisition was a blunt way to mark their proficiancy, though they came through it relatively unscathed, only a few bruises and cuts we managed to crush the heresies and heretics that barred our way.

A short recap:
As we received a suspect invitation from an unknown source, we rallied on the marked location, which in itself was a bit shady.
(In a location vacant of prying ears or eyes)

We found ourselves hired by a slightly German accented vaudevillian veteran.
He wanted us to investigate a heretic incident which happened on (insert name later)

As we went down to our missions landscape we tried to bribe someone randomly, but found to our demise nothing of value, by this error, it was obvious to everyone that we needed to change the amount of money we payed for the information we got.

We went into the local chapel to test our grounds there, the priest was on the boarder lines to heretic. Only the emperors grace and the distraction of a lot of pictures of the missing kept me from shooting the priest for the drunken stature he had…

We got another more reputable merchant to guide us to our goal and this time we took the right precautions to make sure we got the right information which were ‘where the person that had turned up dead lived’

We found his sister there and got some information out of her, she left to go to a higher tier on this planet.

We stayed there for the night and we heard someone down below, we went down fast to see what it was, and we killed the lot of the “gangsters” and got the last survivor of the bunch to show us to the gang leader in that territory.

The gang leader were pliant to our cause, we had a common enemy, they wanted to kill off the red eyes too. We planned to assault what we had scouted out to be the base of operation for these ‘redeyes’

We went to an hostel, it was shabbier than the outside alley, but there were beds we slept until we heard something outside, we had a guard watching. What we woke up to shook our hearts cause it was a pile of see-trhough-skin creatures that only some kind of lowly heretic could concoct in their corrupted minds.

We fought through but our intern were taken by them out into the darkness outside.

Our marry little gang went out to find a trail of his blood leading towards our assault destination, which is to say we went in to find that they had been using human flesh in whatever paste they gave out to the general populace. We went further up to investigate, we found cultists and another heretic creature. We killed them all, methodically though the heretic mechanical creature left a lot of mess. A little squad of the redeyes came, We rinsed and repeated. When the ‘enforcers’ of this place came to check on the ruckus, they were utterly destroyed, one had a staredown with Khorrl before he was hit twice in the head with one shot only one got away…

We looted and equipped what the emperor willed us to take.

Our search of the upper floors we found what we were looking for, our crazy intern surgically opened up, attached to some kind of machinery that would probably do something horrible to him if it hadn’t been for our fine marksmanship, I, Lelouche managed to more or less destroy what seemed like the main conspirator, I shot her corrupted body to pieces and before she escaped a servitor skull with mechanical feet attacked my foot, I got an open wound though it was barely what one could call a flesh wound, we contacted the people that set us upon the task in this place and he stitched up our friend and we got what we were promised from both the gangster and the employer.


Yuven LogenFelxon

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