• Jethro "Stubber"  Tull [Deceased]

    Jethro "Stubber" Tull [Deceased]

    Junior Intern Assistant and Heavy weapons expert. A quiet, muscular, former imperial guardsman who will fell any foe who faces his heavy stubber.
  • Khorrl


    Khorrl is a rather small person with an extraordinary unremarkable face, this however does not mean that he is happy with being ignored, oh no sir! He is, after all a cheap assassin for hire, but don't tell him that.
  • Lelouche strata

    Lelouche strata

    She stands tall, her stature is rigid and her forms are an inspiration to all that sees her.
  • Nicodemus Lupus

    Nicodemus Lupus

    Power is knowledge incarnate
  • Solomon Demeter

    Solomon Demeter

    Investigator, capture and information extraction (CIE) specialist, and unkillable shotgun-wielding soldier of fortune!
  • Zarldar Loothas [Deceased]

    Zarldar Loothas [Deceased]

    Blasted to pulp
  • Bob Karsten

    Bob Karsten

    Unremarkable actor, totaly not part of any plot
  • Noxus Steel

    Noxus Steel

    A Dark-haired man with a cocky smile and an unnerving aura
  • Parthus


    A fat and jovial Techpriest, set with the task of helping Red Steel
  • Reginald Rex

    Reginald Rex

    Famous bounty hunter with style