Zarldar Loothas [Deceased]

Blasted to pulp



1.81 m
55 kg
34 years
Porcelain skin
Ginger Hair
Watery Blue Eyes (Widely Spaced)


WS: 25
BS: 48
S: 30
T: 31
Ag: 40
Int: 41
Per: 40
WP: 60
Fel: 30 (25)

Wounds: 9
Insanity: 9
Corruption: 15

Trained Skills

Awareness +20
Common Lore (Tech)
Common Lore (Nobility)
Dodge +10
Forbidden Lore (Warp) +10
Forbidden Lore (Psykers)
Forbidden Lore (MUtants)
Forbidden Lore (Xenos)
Invocation +20
Psyniscience +20
Scholastic Lore (Legend)
Scholastic Lore (Cryptology)
Speak Language (Low Gothic)
Speak Language (Ship Dialect)
Tech Use


Ill-Omened: -5 Fel when interacting with non-void born humans.
Charmed: When spending a fate point, retain it on a roll of 9.
Shipwise: Nav (Stellar) and Pilot (Spacecraft) are basic skills.
Void Accustomed: Immune to space travel sickness and low-gravity effects.


Unremarkable: Easily forgettable, hard to describe.
Unshakable Faith: Re-roll fear tests.
Rapid Reaction: Test Ag to act in surprise round.
Light Sleeper: Allways counts as awake.
Quick Draw: Ready as free action
Jaded: Immune to natural fear.
Deadeye Shot: Only -10 on called shots
Sound Constitution (x2): +1 wound.
Psy Rating 5: Roll up to 5 dice.
Power Well (x2): +1 to power rolls.
Dicipline Focus (Biomancy): +2 to power rolls.
Dicipline Focus (Telekinetics): +2 to power rolls.
Favored By The Warp: Reroll on phenomena table.
Resistance (Psychic Powers): +10 to resist effects.
Strong Minded: Reroll resestance against psychic powers.
Mental Fortress: Psychic attacker makes WP test or takes 1d10 +ΔWB impact to head (Ignore all).
Dark Soul: Half penalty on malignancy tests.

Weapon Training

Piston Training (Las)
Basic Weapon Training (Las)
Melee Weapon Training (Primitive)

Minor Psychic Powers

Call Item
Distort Vision
Forget Me
Resist Posession
Sense Presence
Spectral Hands
Time Fade (Dark Gods p.28)
Unnatural Aim
Wall Walk
Weapon Jinx
Without A Trace (Radicals p.150)

Psychic Powers


Enhanced Senses
Flesh Like Iron (Dark Gods p.29)
Seal Wounds
Shape Flesh


Catch Projectiles
Psychic Blade
Psychic Crush



Loothas was born on The Golden Amazon, an eccentric craft where the only authority was the captain at the bridge, a Rogue Trader doing whatever he himself decided was the best cource of action. This colored his childhood, and his greatest whish was to become a Rogue Trader just like the captain, that would explore the galaxy in his ship and battle anyone standing in his way.

He grew up working as a janitor, cleaning the long dark corridors of the ship, while simultaneously training to become a marksman like the captain. However, one day his fate was changed as a lion had managed to escape from cargo holding and ended up in the same corridor as Loothas. Without any means of defending himself, he was terrified and started running as fast as he could, rounding corners and zigg-zagging in hope of loosing the terrible beast. But the lion caught up bit by bit, and Loothas was sure his life was over.

Suddenly, it was like his mind was filled with flashes of lightening, disorienting and blinding him. He heard a loud explosion and the sound of bending metal behind him as he tripped and fell to the floor, hitting his head and passing out as he thought he heard the beast howeling in pain. When he woke up moments later, he was surprised to find out that he was still alive. Even more surprising was that the lion laid lifeless on the ground, barely half a meter from him, with the ripped end of a ventilation pipe piercing through its chest.

Still in shock, he noticed a blue Amarite crystal laying besides him, having dislodged from the lion’s collar. Acting quickly, he grabbed the crystal as a trophy and continued on back to his quarters in case more dangerous beasts had gotten loose. Once there, he began to think. “Did I do that?! But how? I just killed a lion..!”

The next day he went back to work as usual, acting like nothing had happened. The carcass had been removed and the piping repaired the previous evening, so the only proof of the happening was the crystal, which he hung around his neck as a token of guidance and resort.

A few months later, the ship was borded by an Inquisitorial Black Ship. The imperial troops grabbed Loothas and forcefully dragged him into a cell with hundreds of others, before leaving and arriving at Holy Terra several weeks later. There, the strenght of his soul was tested by exposing him to a seemingly endless array of experiments. The most painful was conducted by a group of bald, robed women who almost burned his right hand off while injecting him with various chemicals, leaving it with scars so deep it is nearly possible to see through it.

Passing the tests, he was deemed a safe psyker and was allowed to return to his former life. However, while leaving Holy Terra he learned that The Golden Amazon was missing in action, and that no trace of it had been observed for several years. With no place to go, he travelled around for several months, taking whatever jobs he could come by while learning to finesse his newfound powers, before running into a forming mercenary gang called Red Steel, which offered to pay him in return for his psychic services.


Early on he was humiliated for having so widely spaced eyes. However, this malformation actually turned out to be a good thing as it improved his depth perception and made him a natural marksman, ranking first amongst the younglings of the ship, and restoring his image.

Due to the low gravity environment, his natural posture and walk is a bit different from that of ordinary men. However, after being mocked for it a several times during dockings, he quicly learned to mimic that of the surface-habitators, and now only relapses to his natural pose if overwhelmed by surprise or strong emotions.



Zarldar Loothas [Deceased]

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