Khorrl's Private musings of exquisite wonder

The weak are meat, and the strong do eat. Kill or be killed. The strong survives where others may not. I am an Assassin. I kill people for a living, this is my strength, this is how I survive.

However good I may be at assassinating a target, it does not disguise the fact that when it comes to combat, my time with the Red Steel company has been a period of ups and downs. Mostly downs. I lost a duel against the she ogryn Lelouch in front of a whole crowd. I was even soundly beaten by a female martial artist when I represented the Red Steel and the Inquisition, and that was televised to the whole ship. Thankfully no one knows why I crumpled unconsciously from the air vent.

I will never forget it, I will never forgive myself for it. The only thing that separates me from the rest of the billions of dross hounds in any hive city is my abilities as an assassin, a hired killer, and yet here I am, hairless with a sore throat. I am weak.

Weakness. Doubts. Fear. All of that I left behind with my mother, I even forgot my surname in the process of elevating myself from the scum that was present in every aspect of my life. Through strength, freedom, through freedom I would gain status. Now I am a “Captain Commander” of a group of ruffians nobler than me. They are nobler than me simply because their mother of a whore squeezed them out on a fancy carpet instead of between shifts.
I am weak.

I was born scrawny in the filth of the lowest level. With a gun in my hand I became dangerous, feared and respected, but the second I am bereft of my ballistics I faint and is beaten to a pulp.

A gun is single most beautiful thing in the world, the second you hold one you become powerful, noticeable, competent. All you need is a hand to pull the trigger and you can become the most dangerous person in any room. Yet it is the hand that pulls the trigger.

It doesn’t matter anymore. When this journey is over, I shall be strong once more. The flesh is weak, I am weak, maybe… but I am still alive and they won’t be.

“The strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must” I have suffered enough.

Khorrl's Private musings of exquisite wonder

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